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Urologist “Pissed Off” About Obamacare

When some idiot liberal, i.e. Obama, Harry Reid, or Nancy Pelosi, say something idiotic or controversial there are always apologists from the left such as the dunce Robert Gibbs to “clarify” what they meant to say.  Apparently you’re only allowed to “clarify” if you’re a liberal.

As this doctor explained, he will not turn away any patient or deny them care.  He is merely making a statement about the health care takeover.

As the reality of Obamacare sets in with the price controls, reduced Medicare reimbursements to doctors, high taxes, and the great increase of patients trying to get their “free” health care, doctors all over the place will likely leave practice because they can’t pay their bills or protect themselves from frivolous lawsuits.  Then the vicious death spiral of increasing demand and decreasing supply of health care will only steepen.

More doctors and patients alike need to stand up in opposition to Obamacare and demand its repeal.  Repeal it before it’s too late.


Mount Dora Dr. Jack Cassell’s anti-Obama stance sparks firestorm nationwide

Urologist stands firm, appears on national news as blogosphere erupts over sign telling Obama voters to go elsewhere

Sign at the office door of Dr. Jack Cassell, a Mount Dora  urologist.

Sign at the office door of Dr. Jack Cassell, a Mount Dora urologist. (Photo courtesy of Deirdre Lewis via Rep. Alan Grayson / April 1, 2010)

By Stephen Hudak, Orlando SentinelApril 3, 2010

MOUNT DORA — Doug Bell isn’t a patient of Dr. Jack Cassell’s, but he almost wishes he were.

The Sorrento salesman heard about the firestorm over a sign that the Mount Dora urologist posted on his office door — it reads, “If you voted for Obama…seek urologic care elsewhere” — and wanted to see it himself.

“We need more people like him to speak out and take a stand against Obama-care,” said Bell, 37, who snapped a picture of the sign Friday with his camera phone and planned to post it on his Facebook page.

Reaction was swift and passionate to news of Cassell’s declaration as friends and foes weighed in online and over the phone, emailing and calling the doctor’s office in Mount Dora to commend or castigate him.

Fueled by Internet sites such as the Drudge Report and the Huffington Post, which linked subscribers to the Orlando Sentinel story, Cassell received invitations to appear on several national radio and TV programs, notably Neil Cavuto’s Fox News show and AC360, a CNN news and commentary program hosted by Anderson Cooper. He appeared on Fox and accepted Cooper’s invite Friday night.

Not everyone was a fan.

“If I was one of his patients, I would not walk away, I’d run,” said Patsy Robertson, 73, of Winter Springs, a Democrat and retired nurse. “He does not need to be taking care of people’s lives if that’s his mentality.”

Cassell, a registered Republican, believes the sharply partisan, health-care overhaul pushed through by Democratic members of Congress and signed into law by President Barack Obama will harm his practice and thus his patients.

He was applauded for his chutzpah by many who dubbed him a hero.

“Doctor Jack’s a true American patriot,” said Dan Evans, 34, a Georgia truck driver who detoured from a delivery in Apopka to shake the doctor’s hand only to find the medical office is closed on Friday afternoons.

Sandra Boynton, 68, a retired Florida nurse now living in Idaho, described Cassell’s sign as “repugnant” behavior.

“As a nurse, I was taught you don’t refuse care to anyone based on anything that’s your personal views,” she said. “I simply cannot imagine any nurse behaving in this self-centered manner. This man is a disgrace to his profession.”

Cassell told the Orlando Sentinel that he has not refused to treat any patient for his or her political views and does not quiz patients about their politics, but he also does not plan to take the sign down.

“I have plenty of Obama supporters in my patient base and we have a lot of political discussions. I’m not cutting anybody out of their care. I’m not refusing care on the basis of their political beliefs,” he reiterated in an exchange with Cavuto. “I hope that more and more Obama supporters come through to find out what all the fuss is about because I think we have to do something about this.”

But Cassell’s former medical partner in Eustis, urologist Dr. James Young, 57, a self-described liberal Democrat, said a patient’s politics should be no more important to a doctor than his favorite baseball team.

“It’d be like me saying I’m not going to treat a Cubs fan,” said Young, a lifelong fan of the St. Louis Cardinals. “There are a number of thoughtful doctors who feel like Jack and probably a like number who feel the exact opposite, but they’re not going to put a sign on their door. As doctors, our chief concern should always be what’s best for the patient.”

Cassell’s story, picked up by The New York Times and driven by broadcast reports and conservative talk-show giant Rush Limbaugh, generated hundreds of e-mails and phone calls to the Orlando Sentinel from Web readers across the nation, a firm majority of whom not only support the doctor’s view but also his right to voice them on his office door.

“I think he’s saying, ‘If you voted for Obama, you made a decision and that decision has consequences,’ ” said Dr. William Crowley, 76, a retired neurologist living in Texas, who praised the doctor for provoking a discussion.

Margaret Taormino, 72, a retired social worker living in Tavares, expressed a common sentiment about Cassel.

“My husband and I don’t need a urologist,” she said, “but if we ever do, he’s our guy.”

Stephen Hudak can be reached at shudak@orlandosentinel.com or 352-742-5930.



2 Responses

  1. A southern doctor tells Obama voters to “go elsewhere” and puts up a sign tell them they are “not welcome”. The fact that 90% of Blacks voted for Obama and will vote for Obama in 2012 makes blacks particularly unwelcome to Southern Doctors like Jack Cassel.

    The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and The Civil Rights Act of 1965 gave blacks the right to vote and took power away from the people who wanted to tell blacks how to vote.

    Dr. Cassel is empowering himself and getting back the control that conservatives like him lost when the Civil Rights Movement allowed blacks to ignore the wisdom of people like him.

    Conservatives have shown their hand. They know how you should think, what you can say, and what is a permissible vote.

    Liberals and blacks will find themselves without doctors if they continue to defy the will of conservatives. Soon restaurants and hotels and pharmacies will also turn away liberals and blacks.

    Because of the bleeding heart liberals, conservatives cannot yet legally nullify the rights of the despised liberal/black/homosexual coalition, but they can make such people feel unwelcome.

    If blacks and liberals and homosexuals want the same rights as their betters like Dr. Cassel, they need to memorize three words: “Mega dittos, Rush!” And they need to think, speak, and vote according to what the conformist right wing leaders say on Fox News and Talk Radio.

    Conservatives are through with pretending that other people have the right to defy Limbaugh’s will.

  2. TJ,
    Talk about showing your hand! Sir, you may be a proud American, but you are also a typical victim of liberalism. You and the vast majority of the black community in America have been ensnared by the lie that democrats have been telling you for generations now. They keep promising you all these goodies and that they will make things better for you. Show me ANYWHERE that the democrats have made life better for you. And by “better” I mean freer, not getting more handouts and being more dependent. You show me a hell hole in America and I’ll show you a city where liberal democrats have been in charge for the entire spiral into hell. Detroit, LA, D.C., Philadelphia to name a few. Another classic characteristic of the modern black liberal victim is that whenever something happens you don’t like, or someone disagrees with you, you believe IT ABSOLUTELY HAS TO BE ABOUT RACE. “Mega dittos, Rush!” What an absolute copout. That misguided belief combined with the “I’m a victim” mentality have sadly come to define the modern black liberal democrat community. Blacks in this country don’t know their history, have bought into a lie and won’t stop believing it despite conclusive evidence that they are being lied to, and don’t do anything to better themselves or their communities. When blacks such as Colin Powel, Condoliza Rice, Bill Cosby and others actually quit being victims and make something of themselves, the liberal victim blacks call them “Uncle Tom’s” and “sell outs.” Sitting on your backside while your family and community disintegrate around you is never going to make you successful, no matter what color you are.

    Suffice it to say that Dr. Cassel’s actions, and the actions of 99.99999% of those affiliated with the Tea Party, or those simply expressing displeasure or dismay with democrats and Obama have nothing to do with race. There are some nut-job racists out there, and I as well as the vast majority of those protesting the democrats and Obama are disgusted by any racists and want nothing to do with them. The actions of the REAL Tea Party members and others protesting Obama, Obamacare, and the democrats, are simply about POLICY. We want freedom, not oppression. We want liberty, not tyranny. We want everyone to have the OPPORTUNITY to achieve their dreams in this country, regardless of race. But the thing about freedom, rights, and liberty is that they do not come at the expense of others. You have a RIGHT to free speech. That means you can voice your opinion, but also have to let others voice theirs, not shout them down and shut them up like the liberals do anytime a conservative shows up to speak anywhere. You don’t, however, have a RIGHT to health care. Health care is a service or commodity that must be earned and paid for. To claim that health care is a right means that doctors and health care workers can be made slaves to provide you “free” health care, or that taxpayers can be enslaved to pay for it.

    I’ve included a reply I wrote to a fellow some time ago concerning the history of the democrats and race relations. It is a history lesson that I hope you will take the time to read and think about with an open mind.

    Begin previous commentary:

    What you say about inner city schools feeds directly into my point, and also scratches a few more scabs about liberal government policy and the destruction of the American family. With the billions of dollars in taxes we collect annually for schools, why are these schools still so decrepit, crime-ridden, and staffed with poorly qualified and under paid teachers? Why have the tax dollars and government promises actually allowed our education system to become systemically worse? Why are the crime and family problems disproportionately higher in the communities who rely on government subsidized housing, and whose primary incomes are government subsidies and welfare? I will point to the recent episode of the young black honor student being beaten to death in CHICAGO by local black gang members, many of whom “attended” the same school as symptomatic of the failure of government in America. Where are the parents in the lives of these miscreants? They haven’t been there since day 1 because they believe it is the guv’ment’s problem. As Hillary Clinton said, they believe “it takes a village.” They get “free” money from the guv’ment and rather than strive to improve their lives through hard work, many simply settle into a life of poverty and laziness. To escape the gravitational pull of government dependence takes a great deal of self sacrifice and hard work, the values our nation was founded on.

    You said “I am speaking mostly about inner-city schools with a poor tax base.” Why is the tax base so poor? It’s because you have a community of people, a segment of society who have learned to live with their hands out largely due to the misguided efforts of our government. I point to the simple economic truth that GOVERNMENT CAN NOT PRODUCE WEALTH. People living on welfare don’t pay taxes, they receive taxes. People who receive things for free typically don’t appreciate or take care of those things, nor can they afford to in this case. Those parents who have settled into the life of the welfare state rather than demonstrating a solid work ethic and the level of sacrifice necessary to improve their lives are teaching their children by example that “society owes us.” They teach their children that they are “victims.” They teach them that not having what they want is not their fault, and that it is OK to take it. They doom them to a vicious cycle and self fulfilling prophecy of poverty. These are the destructive end results of dependence on government.

    Your guilt over your own skin color is another classic symptom and byproduct of liberalism. Being white doesn’t make you a better person, nor does being black make you lesser of a person. It is indeed the character of a man which defines him. Some liberals feel guilt over their skin color and feel that they (and by inference all white people) should somehow make amends. Other liberals as I have discussed earlier feel no guilt at all, feel they are indeed superior, but use skin color as a wedge to divide America into more easily controllable segments. Black people in America have had the opportunity to better their lives and their communities, and gain true equality ever since slavery was abolished in this country. It was never going to be an easy road, but many took up the yoke of that struggle and made great strides towards that equality. G.W. Carver, and others like him took advantage of educational opportunities, and most importantly didn’t quit when faced with old prejudices and roadblocks. There were certain elements of white society, largely represented by democrats, that couldn’t stand the thought of black equality and did (and still do) everything they could to prevent it. Historically speaking, contrary to the spin coming out of the mouths of modern democrats, it has been democrats and the left who governmentally and institutionally speaking kept, and keeps racism alive. A simple search of Wikipedia will find many of these facts. They are not secret, just not presented accurately and honestly by the media. The KKK, George Wallace, Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia: All Democrat persons or organizations. The KKK was founded to resist Reconstruction following the (not so) Civil War by assaulting, murdering and intimidating freedmen and white Republicans. Senator Robert Byrd was not only a member of this organization, but was a Kleagle (recruiter) and an Exalted Cyclops. Yet not a peep from liberals is EVER made about this affiliation while they continue to spread their lies about who the REAL racists in this country are. Here are some of Byrd’s own words:

    “I shall never fight in the armed forces with a Negro by my side… Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds. ”
    — Robert C. Byrd, in a letter to Sen. Theodore Bilbo (D-MS), 1944

    George Wallace was elected Governor of Alabama in 1962 as a DEMOCRAT and hardcore segregationist. His famous words from his inaugural speech:
    “In the name of the greatest people that have ever trod this earth, I draw the line in the dust and toss the gauntlet before the feet of tyranny, and I say segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.”
    – George Wallace, from his inaugural speech following his 1962 election as Alabama Governor

    Many blacks have struggled through and shrugged off the yoke of liberal oppression to better themselves and their families. I won’t pretend that racism doesn’t exist. I know from firsthand experience that it does after growing up in a George Wallace Alabama and living all over the country, as well as in Europe. I can tell you that racism does indeed exist in America, but can authoritatively tell you that it is not limited to America, and it’s not just whites against blacks. However, much of the racism that does exist in America is because of the divisive policies of liberals/democrats, and because of race baiters like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton who are little more than useful idiots for the democrats. They portray themselves as leaders of the black community, but are doing little more than getting kickbacks and running extortion schemes to fan the flames of racism while making themselves rich. The race baiters leading blacks into covert oppression by liberal laws with really nice sounding names is little more than modern slavery. But much of that is by personal choice. Again, the destructive end results of dependence on government.

    When you speak of the “privilege” of your family in relation to the family of the girl whose father was killed, you may be confusing “privilege” with “chance.” Sometimes bad things happen to people because of choices that they make. But sometimes it’s just the way things are. The fact that your life was ultimately more successful than hers is no reason to feel guilty. Blessed, yes. Guilty, no. When we are blessed in abundance we should help those who are less fortunate. But this should be a choice, not forced. When you continue to force people to give to things they do not believe in via taxation and other means, those people have less money left to be charitable with, and less motivation to be charitable with it. We are still the most charitable nation on earth, but as we are driven toward a socialist economy and communist like state, that will come to a screeching halt as the government controls more and more of our money.

    And from another comment reply of mine:

    • God does indeed see all. He sees that I am not a “white nationalist,” and that I want people of all colors and races in America to quit seeing themselves in terms of color and race and start seeing themselves as Americans and human beings. He sees that I am a brutally honest person who wants the best for everyone, but tolerates crap from no one. He sees that I speak the truth as I see it, am open to the fact that I may be wrong, and that I can change my opinion when presented with concrete facts rather than emotional arguments. He sees that while I am imperfect, I am still His child bought and paid for by the blood of His Son.
    • Slavery was wrong and was a blight on our nation, and is still wrong anywhere it occurs in the world in any form.
    • There are race-baiters and agitators, both black and white. They both sicken me. There are the David Dukes, KKK, Neo-Nazi/white supremacists and the like that make me want to puke. There are the Jessie Jackson’s, Al Sharpton’s, and others on the other side that make me just as ill. They both take ANY issue and apply color to it in order to stir up dissent and keep themselves employed. Until fools on both sides quit listening to them, they will keep stirring up trouble and dividing Americans along racial lines. They are the “useful idiots” to the liberals who seek to keep us divided.

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