How to Compete with Illegal Aliens for Jobs

Since our government won’t control our borders and protect our citizens, we have to find ways to compete with the illegal aliens for employment in these tough economic times.

Joseph Mencia, an illegal alien who has successfully managed to stay in America and get rich siphoning away our wealth shares his secrets of success with you.

How much would you expect to pay for these secrets?  $29.95?  $19.95?  $9.95?  $0.95?  Don’t get ripped off!

Get Joseph’s (pronounced Yo-sef’s) secrets for a limited time only for FREE!  That’s right!  Nothing down, nothing per month for the rest of your life!  It’s all paid for by Uncle Obama with his Obama money from his secret stash, and he givin’ it to you!  Dat’s why you luv him!  O-ba-muh!  O-ba-muh!


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