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Citizen’s Guide to Removing a Corrupt Government

It doesn't get any more simple. Restore the constitution, or we will.


2 Responses

  1. Sore loser losers.
    It’s quite alright to dictate when it’s a depub in charge, but a black man? Oh no! It’s the end of the freakin’ world!

    I believe that the mantra was something like, “You are either with us or against us,” wasn’t it? Or;
    “It’s traitorous to question the administration.”

    How quickly these are forgotten.

    Yeah, these are the same assholes that questioned my patriotism because I was against pre-emptive war under any circumstance, and certainly never as a knee-jerk reaction with questionable intelligence. These are the same idiots that couldn’t get it through their cro-magnon skulls that Iraq had absolutely nothing to do with 911, and they were being manipulated by illegal propaganda sponsored by the Pentagon & White House.

    I have only one question for the mentally challenged;
    Can you name 1 (just one!) freedom that you have lost under Obama?
    Didn’t think so.

    How about freedoms lost under Bush?
    Freedom of speech
    Freedom of privacy
    The right to a speedy trial
    The right to face one’s accusers and see the evidence against you
    Freedom from the fear of US soldiers being used against the people

    Maybe we can just convince them that the latter option provided on their sign is the best way out for them. It would sure be best for the rest of us.

  2. You are buying and or repeating the same outright lie that the bulk of the democrats and the media are repeating in order to propagandize their agenda. Conservative rejection of Obama has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH HIS SKIN COLOR, but EVERYTHING to do with his POLICIES AND POLITICS.

    Even many registered democrats who voted for Obama are now in opposition to his policies. In a poll released TODAY (April 5th, 2010) 46% of those affiliated with the Tea Party movement are democrats and independents. So, just as I chastised TJ on his comment on my “Urologist” post (https://texan2driver.wordpress.com/2010/04/03/urologist-pissed-off-about-obamacare/), you can throw your worn out and faded race card in the trash, because it just doesn’t play anymore. Granted, their are nut-job racists in both parties, but they are the fringe, especially in the republican party, and are to be denounced regardless of who they CLAIM to be affiliated with.

    Did I agree with everything Bush 43 did? Absolutely not. I believe his response to 9/11 was at least partially correct, but was definitely better for America than a response from Al Gore or John Kerry would have been. Cleaning out Afghanistan was the right thing to do, going into Iraq was justifiable (use of WMD on his own people, defiance of multiple UN resolutions, and yes, some ties to Al Queda and other terrorist organizations), but questionable in it’s benefit to us, and the Patriot Act was a misguided attempt to seek out information. Some good information has been gained under the patriot act, but at what cost to liberty?

    As for illegal propaganda sponsored by the White House, what do you think is happening now? One sided opinion-based news stories from “friendly” news organizations (EVERY major news outlet other than Fox), threats and slander against news organizations, media personalities and anyone else who opposed the Obama/progressive/democrat agenda (suppressing 1st Amendment rights), and putting out one false story after another (proven to be false over and over again) are ops normal for the Obama White House. You even have democrat politicians getting on camera calling American citizens racists and Nazis for expressing their opinion. The latest example story that is still hanging out there as questionable is the story about racial slurs and spitting on black lawmakers marching to the health care vote. The march was a staged event to begin with, there were cameras EVERYWHERE, not to mention the hundreds of cell phones with cameras, and NOT ONE OF THEM caught one of these supposed slurs on camera, nor the alleged spitting incident. The time line of the reporting of the story was even fishier. It hit the wires 90 minutes after it was alleged to have occurred. The fishy thing about that is that the story was supposedly researched, 5 “eye witnesses” interviewed, the article proofed, and published withing 90 minutes of this all supposedly occurring. That doesn’t seem at all likely to be possible without prefabrication.

    If you can’t see the parts of the constitution, and by association which freedoms, Mr. Obama and company have trampled, then I suggest you actually READ the constitution. He has illegally seized private companies and banks, Obamacare places a mandate to buy a government product as a condition of citizenship, it removes our right to CHOOSE, it redistributing the EARNINGS of working Americans into the pockets of those who don’t and won’t work. He is now working to subvert the rest of the constitution by signing us on to international treaties that I guarantee you 90% of Americans will oppose. He is a usurper.

    If you want to bash stupidity, feel free. Just please open BOTH eyes so you can see it on both sides of the isle.

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