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The Left Hurls Epithets to Claim That the Right is Hurling Epithets

During the civil rights destruction march leading up to the vote on health care Sunday, the liberals made several claims that there were people calling Jim Clyburn the N-word, and calling Barney Fwank an F-word that sounds like maggot.  They made the claims that this supposedly happened while they were under continuous camera coverage on their Middle Finger to America Parade.  So doesn’t it seem a little strange that NOT ONE example of these supposed slurs happened to show up on film?  If one or two idiots actually said these things, the REAL Tea Party people would have shunned these people immediately because they don’t represent what the Tea Party Stands for.  There is also a chance that IF these things were said, they were said by someone planted by the left.  In the last year there have been several documented cases of rallies being infiltrated by ACORN/SEIU plants acting as though they were Tea Party members.

Conservatives won the debate on EVERY issue leading up to the health care vote on Sunday, and it’s pretty sad that accusing people of racial slurs was the only thing the liberals had left to fight back with.  Protesters were asking legitimate questions about the content of the bill and getting shut down.  It probably went a little something like this.

Tea Party Member: “I’d like to know how cutting $500 Billion from Medicare will make it better.”

Nancy Pelosi: “What did you call me?  Are you serious?”

All I’m asking for is proof.  They make these claims with no evidence or proof and just expect us to believe them.


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