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Democrats: We’re Higher Than God

“I don’t know how people felt when they passed Social Security or Medicare, or when the civil rights laws of the 1960s were passed, but I do believe that what we are doing with this legislation is establishing health care as a fundamental right in this country,” —Rep. Jim Clyburn

“I consider this to be the Civil Rights Act of the 21st Century— because I do believe that this is the one fundamental right that this country has been wrestling with now for almost a hundred years. I think tonight we took a giant step toward the establishment of a more perfect union.” —Rep. Jim Clyburn

Mr. Clyburn aptly illustrates what is wrong with our government today. The majority of the democrat party, and some in the republican party are progressive liberals whose ideology is diametrically opposed to that upon which our country was founded. They stand in direct opposition to the American way of life, but typically will not come right out and say it. They achieve their goals through subterfuge. Flowery language and false advertising typify any legislation they bring forth. They have attempted to place themselves on par with God. How can I justify this statement you might ask? Because RIGHTS come from GOD, not from any man. Governments proper role is to protect and defend rights, not to create them, as this government has attempted to do.

Rights by definition do not infringe upon another persons rights. For example, my right to free speech doesn’t cost anyone else anything. Declaring health care to be a “right” rather than the SERVICE that it actually is supposes that slavery and theft are OK. By saying that you or I have a RIGHT to health care says that I can get the SERVICE of health care from a doctor or provider without compensating him in any way. Forcing someone to take actions that benefit you without compensation is what’s known as SLAVERY. If you say “Of course a doctor has a right to be payed for his services, but health care is still a right,” then you are saying that it’s OK to take something from those who rightly earned, possess or own it, against their will, and give it to those who did not earn it and don’t deserve it. You’re saying that I who have made good choices, worked hard, sacrificed, and saved enough money to afford my own health care must pay for someone who made poor choices, won’t work, and is just looking for a hand out. In its simplest form, that is theft. On the scale put forth in this bill it is socialism on its way to communism.

No Nancy, Harry, and Barack. You are not God, nor are you gods. But the size of the crater you make when you fall from power will indeed be Biblical in proportion.


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