More Obama Lies in Attempt to Sell Health Care Takeover

Obamacare will provide a 3,000% reduction in employer insurance premiums?!?!?!? How is that possible?  If an employer is paying $4,000 per year for an employee’s health insurance, you mean to tell me, Mr. Obama, that passing your healthcare takeover will give an employer $120,000 per employee?  That would buy a lot of unicorns and rainbows, but that money doesn’t exist.  Nor does the money exist to pay for this takeover.  Nor does the money exist to pay back the nearly $20 Trillion in DEBT that this country owes.  The government added $250 Billion to our national debt in February ALONE.  Our country will not exist in 5 years at this pace.

Obama keeps telling lies such as “all the details of this bill will be posted long before it is voted on,” and “this bill will reduce the deficit by one trillion dollars.”  Both are outright lies, as are many of the other whoppers he keeps telling to sell his snake oil.  I’m beginning to think he is indeed a false prophet, and may even have a triple-six birthmark on him somewhere.


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