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Democrats: Don’t Do It!

Fax/e-mail sent to democratic congressmen.  Feel free to copy and send.

The Obama/Pelosi/Reid approach to health care is against the will of the majority of America, it is being done illegally, and it is unconstitutional.

If you support it, you doom America, and you will doom yourself.

The Obama/Pelosi/Reid plan is bad for America and Americans in so many ways that it would take me 2,700 pages to list them all.  But I’ll list a few that are really pissing off your constituents.

The Obama/Pelosi/Reid legislation encourages euthanasia by giving doctors a monetary incentive to persuade the elderly during “end-of-life counseling” to sign “Do Not Resuscitate” orders to pull the plug, or deny simple air, food or water.

The Obama/Pelosi/Reid legislation fully funds abortions, which 71% of all tax-payers oppose, directly stating on p.110, “ABORTIONS FOR WHICH PUBLIC FUNDING IS ALLOWED,” breaking President Obama’s promise “no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions.”

The Obama/Pelosi/Reid legislation increases government control of private Christian and Catholic hospitals which will endanger freedom of religious expression by doctors and patients, and result in litigation to censor and remove Christian symbols from chapels and common use areas.

The Obama/Pelosi/Reid plan imposes homosexual “lifestyle” subsidies, which will grant $1,000+ in annual tax breaks to homosexual “couples,” promoting their lifestyle with taxpayer money, against the wishes of those same taxpayers.  Even worse than that, this legislation promotes child abuse and pedophilia by funding Explicit Sodomy Training Seminars financed by tens of millions of taxpayer dollars, directed at “educating” elementary school students in homosexual sex acts.

If you think you are going to force this evil on my children, you’ll do it over my dead body.

The Obama/Pelosi/Reid plan then penalizes heterosexuals by imposing Marriage Penalties on traditional marriage, crippling many families with over $10,000 per year in new taxes.  Why would you support such things?  Do you hate America and American values?  Do you want to destroy families and ruin the economy?  That is exactly what these measures will accomplish.

These are just a few of the examples of the many rotten eggs in this legislation aimed at government control of health care.  There is nothing in this bill that will reduce COSTS of health care.  PRICE CONTROLS DO NOT LOWER THE COST.  There is nothing in this legislation that will put downward pressure on COSTS.  Rather than spend trillions of dollars on bureaucratic red-tape, please refund that money to the tax-payers, and encourage us to keep or purchase our own private health care insurance, choosing our own doctors and options.

If you ram this down American’s throats, even retirement will not let you hide from the consequences of your actions.  Don’t do it.


2 Responses

  1. Where did you get this insane crap? I bet $100 it wasn’t from a credible news organization. Read and research..a lot if you are going to get this angry.


  2. Wake up, MB. What the conservatives predicted is ALREADY taking place. Have you seen the headlines about AT&T and 3M among others? The new taxes from the health care “reform” start now, but nobody gets any of that “free” health care for a long time. Businesses suffer, which forces them to fire or lay off, which means even more people trying to collect unemployment instead of creating wealth and PAYING taxes. This “reform” is a disaster for America.


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