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Existence of the Living Dead, or the Liberal Health Care Bill That Just Won’t Die.

Obama says transparency and CSPAN, and we get closed door meetings. Obama promises bipartisanship, and we get closed door meetings that don’t allow Republicans to attend. Obama accuses the Republicans of being the party of “no,” and of offering no new ideas, but he wouldn’t hear any of the ideas the Republicans offered. Obama promised no new taxes on anyone making less than $250,000 per year, yet taxes are going up directly and indirectly, and will go up dramatically if this health care reform passes. The American people started to uncover the truth about how bad this health care bill is and made it quite clear that the OVERWHELMING majority of Americans want nothing to do with it, yet we get repackaged version after repackaged version of the same 3,000 page takeover of our lives.

Now Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are trying to force democrats to walk the plank by using reconciliation to force passage of this bloody abortion of a bill. They know that the shininess of Obama’s penny is now tarnished, and his new car smell has been replaced with that of a rotting carcass. They know that this is the last opportunity they will have for another generation to advance the liberal/progressive agenda by this big of a leap. They are more than willing to sacrifice the entire house democrat population if they can force this tyranny on America.

Time is short. We must stay energized and engaged on this, or we will wake up in chains.

Keep burning up the phone, fax, and e-mail lines of your representatives and senators. Make personal visits to their offices to make it clear that we don’t want this “reform” suppository.

3 Responses

  1. The consequences of voting for the health care bill:


  2. Blessed right! You can express your contempt for Congress by using the links contained in “Flame Your Congressman”.

    http://www.congress.org makes it easy to send a single email to your Rep. & Sens. Including a link to Hell No!!!! is the best way to make the message crystal clear.

  3. Thanks the author for article. The main thing do not forget about users, and continue in the same spirit.

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