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Health Care Summit: Trick or Trick?

Republicans have a big opportunity here.  The democrats are just trying to smear them as the “party of no.”  The democrats are going to come to the table with the same stuff that America has already SOUNDLY rejected and say to the republicans “If you don’t agree with us, your just obstructing health care.”  The republicans have had constructive ideas on the table for just about as long as the health care “reform” issue has been debated, but the democrats have been the real obstructionists because they have been the ones who have refused to meet with republicans.  You may remember Obama’s very brief meeting with republican leadership shortly after his coronation where he informed them of the “new reality” when he said to them “I won.”  He had no intention of any ‘bipartisanship’ with republicans.

The ONLY reason Obama is trying to draw in ANY republicans is so he can use them as scapegoats.

Ann Coulter said it very well when she saidObama’s sole objective at the ‘summit’ is to hoodwink Republicans into agreeing with some of his wildly unpopular ideas on national TV. If this were a reality show on NBC, it would be called, ‘Dateline: To Catch a RINO.’

The TRUTH is that Obama is LYING about everything he says to us.

He says the housing market is recovering.  Actually, today the new numbers came out and showed the WORST month for new home sales in the 50+ years that the statistics have been kept.  My kind of recovery, huh?

He says that he just didn’t educate the people well enough about his health plan.  Had he TRUTHFULLY educated the people about his health plan, they would have rejected it en masse much sooner.

Jobs created or saved?  There is no way to quantify it, and Obama knows it.  And to illustrate the fact, every one of his cronies who speaks about this ‘statistic’ quotes a different number.

Obama is a snake oil salesman whose only interest is power.  He wants to demonize those who earn, take their wealth, and give it to those who don’t earn or create wealth in order to buy votes and cement his power base.  In doing so, he is acting out the script of ‘Atlas Shrugged.’  He is driving all productive business out of the country, and penalizing those who create and provide jobs to the point that they are giving up and leaving millions unemployed because it’s just not worth it to stay in business anymore.

So, call you congressmen and senators and remind them that America doesn’t want MORE government interference in our lives.  They can take this camel’s nose of a health care bill and stick it where the skin turns pink.  Get the government out of our way, and watch America flourish.


One Response

  1. Well written, with great facts!

    This blog post
    has a link you can copy and paste into an email to your Congresscritters. The link is to the biggest, boldest, brightest Gd’d HELL NO!!!! I could fit within the blog format. You have a choice: one link includes an explanation of our rejection of Obama Don’t Care, the other goes directly to the execration.

    Use the facilities of http:..www.congress.org/ to send the emails, insert the link into them.

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