Your Invitation to Shower with Michelle Obama

The “don’t ask/don’t tell” policy, or any other policy that doesn’t allow OPENLY homosexual people to serve in the military has NOTHING TO DO with HOMOPHOBIA.  The ignorant liberals only wish it were that simple, and the progressive socialist/communists (bent on the destruction of American society) KNOW that it isn’t that simple.

So why is repealing the “don’t ask/don’t tell” policy, or simply allowing OPENLY homosexual people to serve in the military of the United States a BAD idea?  I’ll sum it up for you in one, simple yet very important phrase.

Good Order and Discipline

The majority of American doesn’t hate or fear homosexuals.  They simply don’t want that lifestyle openly FORCED upon them or their children.  To understand how this applies to the military, I’ll use the “shower” illustration.

Many times in the military, especially at deployed locations, the shower facilities are of the open bay, community type where your birthday suit is on display for all of the same sex to view.  When you have to worry that someone in the same shower stall with you may be looking at you sexually, it is quite uncomfortable.  It can also be quite dangerous if the gawker has a propensity for sexual assault/rape.  Besides the societal norms that have been in place since the founding of our nation, that is why the military has always separated men and women when it comes to sleeping, showering, etc.  It would also be economically, and strategically unfeasible to separate the troops by both gender AND sexual orientation.  Do we then take 10 steps backwards and begin separating by race again?

The “don’t ask/don’t tell” policy steps right up to the line of decency without stepping over it.  It doesn’t prohibit homosexuals from serving in the military.  It simply prevents them from flaunting their sexuality because it is incompatible with the majority societal norms, and disrupts good order and discipline in the military.  When that happens, you become ineffective as a fighting force.  For this reason, and this reason alone, there are many things that might be more widely accepted in the civilian population that CAN’T BE ACCEPTED in our military.  That is because the military has one mission of being ready, willing, and ABLE to kick anyone’s butt, anytime, anywhere.  There is not room for social experimentation in the military.

So, Mr. Obama, by making it OK (in your eyes) for a gay man to shower with a straight man to whom he might be sexually attracted to, or for a gay woman to do the same, you are removing a societal measure of decency that maintains order.  The men and women being ogled are likely someone else’s husband or wife, or son or daughter.  If this policy goes through, it would be the same as letting the men follow the women to whom they are sexually attracted into the showers and feeling free to lather up in the same shower.  Ditto for the women attracted to men.  Do you want ‘da boyz’ lathering up with your daughters, Mr. Obama?

So, Mr. Obama, you are basically saying that it is OK to shower wherever and with whomever you want, regardless of sex or sexual orientation.  That being the case, tell Michelle to warm up the shower.  I know a few fellows who are eager to watch her lather up.


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