Chavez Builds Model for Obama’s Brown Shirts

Obama said during his July 2, 2008 campaign speech

“We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

He has attempted to follow the model of Hugo Chavez, and other dictators thus far in his illegitimate, undocumented ‘presidency.’  He has taken over financial institutions, auto manufacturers, and begun the destruction of all private business and industry.  With the aid of Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, the Black Panthers, SEIU, ACORN, all of his communist appointees, and other union supporters, Obama has employed his thug, street organizer, Marxist, Saul Alinsky tactics to intimidate Americans and begin building the framework for his communist state.

What you see exemplified by Hugo Chavez, and quietly being put into place by Barack Obama is EXACTLY like the Nazi Brown Shirts who did Hitler’s bidding in the 30’s and 40’s, and what Lenin did in Soviet Russia.  “Oh, but you’re being too extreme and alarmist by using the Hitler analogy,” some of you will say.  If you HONESTLY examine history, there is no way that you can tell me the analogy does not fit.

Chavez is using his ‘militia’ to intimidate people into doing things his way.  Period.  It has nothing to do with the good of the people.  It is about consolidating power.

Now Chairman Maobama is quietly trying to assemble such a force.  The basis for the force is the corrupt unions that got him elected, predominantly the likes of ACORN and SEIU.  The leadership of other unions such as the UAW are also in bed with Obama, but the rank and file may not be so easily swayed.  Regardless, you have already seen his tactics employed at the voting booth intimidating voters to get him elected by either voting for him, or not voting period.  You see a ‘progressive’ congress attempting to pass laws that would essentially force unionization of the labor force.  You see attempts to publicly attack and humiliate ANYONE who disagrees with Obama’s agenda.

The words of soulless attack dog Rahm Emanuel are a perfect example.  He called those balking at Obama’s health care takeover “F—ing retarded.” This is a pretty mild attack from Mr. ‘Dead Fish’ Emanuel, who mailed dead fish to a pollster who ticked him off.  As an aide to Bill Clinton during his first presidential run, Emanuel shook up a dinner party by plunging a knife into the table and screaming “Dead!” while reciting the names of several Democrats he considered disloyal.  If Obama has a ‘Heinrich Himmler,’ Emanuel will be it.

Chavez’s Socialist Worker Militias Swell to 150,000 in Venezuela

Friday, February 05, 2010

By Matt Cover, Staff Writer

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez (AP Photo)

( – Venezuela’s socialist worker militias have grown to nearly 150,000 members since their formation in 2009. Organized by President Hugo Chavez in May 2009, the “workers’ militias” are intended to allow Chavez’s political party to assert control over key economic sectors.

According to a Jan. 29 report in the Venezuelan El Universal newspaper — translated by BBC Worldwide Monitoring – the ranks of Chavez’s workers militias have swelled to around 150,000 members, most of whom work in “strategic” economic sectors, such as oil, electricity, transportation, and “basic companies.”

Orlando Castillo, with the Socialist Workers Front, a Chavez-allied group, was quoted by El Universal as saying that the purpose of the militias was to use the labor troops to “defend the people,” adding that “there need to be many more” troops.  (Obama’s ‘civilian national security force’ anyone?)

“There need to be many more,” he said, “because they represent the idea of the integrated worker who is capable of producing and also of defending the people.”

The workers’ militias are an ideological remnant of the Communist coup d’etat in Russia 1917, whose leaders Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky created the groups and used them to overthrow the Czarist government, eventually turning them into units of the Red Army.

Vladimir Lenin, the Marxist leader who helped establish the Soviet Union, which lasted in Russia from 1917 to 1991

In Venezuela today the militias are made up of individual workers who are armed with guns and trained to ensure that their respective companies comply with the agenda of the ruling United Socialist Party. (As I said, it’s all about CONTROL.)

“With rifles there beside them, in case anybody makes a mistake with us,” Chavez is quoted as saying at a May 2009 socialist transformation workshop where he announced the militias’ creation.

So-called socialist patrols are also growing, with an estimated 20,000 separate patrols totaling 300,000 Venezuelans. Each patrol has an average of 15 members. Castillo said the patrols are “forging the party [United Socialist Party] in the middle of the workers [movement].”

Like the militias, these socialist patrols are intended to allow the ruling socialist government to exert greater control over key industries. However, they also operate in Venezuela’s shrinking private sector companies.

The purpose of both is “production control,” according to socialist leader Castillo, allowing members of the ruling party to wield greater influence in economic decisions.

Chavez’s government plans for companies to have a socialist triumvirate of sorts, comprised of socialist patrols, workers’ councils and labor unions. (Do you think Obama’s total support and nurturing of unions in this country is an accident?  Don’t be naive.  It is part of his plan in laying the ground work for his communist state.)


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