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Rahm Emanuel Meant to Say “Obama is an F’ing Retard.”

Well, it looks like Comrade O-bow-ma has had his Dan Quayle potato(e) moment.  Seems that the left-proclaimed smartest man in the room isn’t so smart after all.  Or it could be that TOTUS (Teleprompter of the United States) is at it again.  He displayed words that were just too difficult for “the One” to understand or pronounce.  I’m sure TOTUS will be fired and replaced by Monday.

Remember the other day when Rahm, the ballerina, Dead Fish, Emanuel said that Republicans were ‘F*#@ing retards’ for not going along with the democrats’ health care reform?

I think he was actually referring to his idiot boss, who despite supposedly being a smart-guy professor of law, can’t even pronounce the word ‘corpsman.’  Proving further that he is an idiot, he surrounds himself with idiots who also don’t know better, and can’t keep him from making an idiot of himself.

If Obama actually respected the military, he would take an hour or two out of his communist plotting to learn a little about the men and women he ‘commands,’  the least of which would be how to pronounce their job titles.


One Response

  1. Great Post! It is a lapse on the part of Obama unable to pronounce and unaware of the ranks of the very people who promised to protect our country. And to think he is being guarded by the military and marines everyday yet he isn’t aware of their ranks and positions. Let this be a wake up call to him that his every movement is being monitored, and as the president he should be more conscious and well oriented specially on sensitive topics like the military.

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