Democrats Declare Government to be God

What are “unalienable” rights?  The dictionary defines the term as rights which are not to be separated, given away, or taken away.  Don’t confuse this with “inalienable” which implies that the rights can’t be taken away without CONSENTUNalienable rights are forever.  These are rights, which according to our founding fathers, were given to us by our CREATOR, GodOur rights do not flow from government. Pay close attention to the words of Tom Harkin, because there is a difference.

What are our unalienable rights?  The founding fathers started the list with “among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”  It can also be extrapolated (not interpolated) since they are included in the original amendments that the right to freedom of speech, the right to practice or not practice the religion of your choice (atheism is a religion), the right to self defense (2nd Amendment), and the right to privacy are included in this list.

Find me a place ANYWHERE in the constitution that says free health care is a RIGHT, or that a senator, congressman, president, or ANY PERSON has the power to give or take away UNALIENABLE RIGHTS.

Senator Tom Harkin and his fellow democrats have declared government to be God.  Do you think God delegated this responsibility and power?  Somehow I don’t think so.

Liberals, communists, socialists, progressives, whatever they call themselves are STEALING our rights and placing themselves on the throne.  They are building a framework to allow them to completely destroy the constitution as the law of the land in America, and install an oligarchy.  Communism.

Communism has failed EVERY time it has been tried.  It fails because it ignores basic human nature.  It ignores the basic human thirst for freedom and independence, and the desire to improve ones situation.  Once you are told that you can’t move up in life, can’t “get ahead,” can’t save to buy a bigger home or things to make your life easier, and told that all you produce will be taken from you and given to those who produce nothing, the motivation to produce is gone.  When the motivation to produce EXCESS is removed, the excess on which any economy grows is removed, and the excess which communism depends on to spread around around is removed.  You are left with empty promises, poverty, and suffering which result in economic and societal collapse.

So listen with FEAR and ANGER to the words of Tom Harkin as he declares the government to be the god with the power to give or take away your rights.

These people MUST be removed from office NOW.  This destruction of our constitution can NOT be allowed to continue.

In his “starter home” analogy, what Harkin doesn’t admit is that the “starter home” they are building with the expectation of adding on to is a TAR PAPER SHACK.  It is not a good foundation to build on unless you intend to collapse the system and put the one you REALLY want in place.

Dear Sen. Harkin, These Are Terrible Materials For Building A Starter Home

By: Jon Walker Wednesday December 30, 2009 3:30 pm

Sen. Tom Harkin continues to refer to the Senate health reform bill as a “starter home” in a new entry on the Huffington Post.

Instead of that “partial loaf” analogy, I like to think of this bill as like a starter home. It is not the mansion of our dreams. But it has a solid foundation, giving every American access to quality, affordable coverage. It has an excellent, protective roof, which will shelter Americans from the worst abuses of health insurance companies. And this starter home has plenty of room for additions and improvements.

This bill has a terrible foundation. It is a starter home built with the equivalent of toxic drywall, lead paint, a poorly mixed cement foundation, and faulty electric wiring.

The bill is built on the extremely wasteful and inefficient private insurance system and contains one of the biggest rollbacks in decades of women’s reproductive rights. It, in effect, gives a permanent exclusivity to expensive biologics, and still denies Americans the ability to buy cheaper drugs from overseas. It has insufficient regulations and leaves the regulator enforcement purely up to the states, which have a poor track record enforcing the current regulations on their books. Regulation without enforcement is worthless. It throws good money after bad without fixing the underlying problems. The cost of the insurance will be too high and the quality of the insurance is too low. Funneling billions of dollars and forcing millions of Americans to buy a product that is frankly a terrible bargain is not a good foundation to build on. It is only a good foundation for the private insurance companies because it further enriches and entrenches them. Rewarding the failure of the private health insurance system with even more money and more customers is not how you want to build your “starter home.”

Harkin is definitely correct when he says, “a starter home has plenty of room for additions and improvements.” There are many, many, many problems with this bill that need to be corrected. Unfortunately, no one is going to want to put additions on a terribly built home, and no one is going to want to rehire the same contractor that so completely botched the construction of the home to build the addition. I would love it if this were a smaller home, but built with a sturdy foundation.

In reality, what we have is a massive corporate giveaway that will serve to discredit the “progressive” principles that Harkin falsely claims this thing is built on. Teddy Roosevelt was the progressive trust buster. It makes a mockery of the term “progressive” to claim a plan to force Americans to buy expensive, low-quality goods from insurance companies exempt form anti-trust laws (laws that Roosevelt championed) and subsidized with taxpayer money is in anyway “progressive.”

Congress — the new God?


Updated: 01/08/2010 02:07:22 PM EST
Recently Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, asserted that Congress has succeeded in granting the American People a new “unalienable” right, the right to health care. No doubt, the use of the word “unalienable” was deliberate. Harkin went on to imply this is just the beginning. Other politicians echoed Harkin’s stance.

Harkin, although sworn to uphold the Constitution, doesn’t understand, or doesn’t care, that Congress does not grant the American People our unalienable rights. The Declaration of Independence clearly states: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.” The Constitution and its amendments enumerate our rights. The amendment process provides for adding rights the American people wish to have established or more clearly delineated. That’s why the first 10 amendments are referred to as The Bill of Rights. Nowhere in our system of government is there authorization for creating rights by congressional action.

When are the American people going to wake up?

The “political class,” regardless of party or persuasion, considers itself gods! They are establishing a religion, a religion which affords them nearly divine power. It may not be a traditional theistic religion. It is nonetheless a unified system of beliefs which holds the decisions of government to be dogma.

That is statism. The statists even intend for their decisions to be eternal. Evidence the attempt to preclude future Congresses from changing certain provisions of pending health care legislation. They also hold as absolute the state’s authority to make any decision it wishes, without the consent of the governed and with no regard for constitutional constraints. Evidence the deal made with Sen. Ben Nelson, D-Neb., which violates Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution: “. . . all duties, imposts and excises shall be uniform throughout the United States. . ..” At last count, 13 states’ attorneys generals are threatening a constitutional challenge if the “Nelson deal” survives the legislative process.

We’ve seen this before. Throughout history, whether emperors, kings, fascists or communists, the statists’ position has always been that they know best. It was the statism of King George which inspired the Declaration of Independence. Statism is antithetical to the defining principles of our nation.

No matter how persuasive the claims of altruism, government control of citizens’ rights (whether granting or denying) is oppression. Under our Constitution, there are only two ways to establish a right:

— Find it enumerated in the Constitution or existing amendments.

— Pass a constitutional amendment.

As regards rights, the only role for Congress is protecting our constitutionally established rights. If a majority of Congress believes there is a right to health care, they should explain where it is found in the Constitution as amended, or propose and have ratified a new constitutional amendment. If either method were successful, I’d be the first in line for my government medical card. Otherwise, there is no right to health care. There is only the belief of those who assert that position. Governmental action based solely on belief, without proper constitutional implementation, is the imposition of religion in its rawest form.

This is not a Democratic vs. Republican issue, nor is it a liberal vs. conservative argument. It is an essential principle of constitutional government. It is of utmost concern to all citizens regardless of all political stripes. Statism is a double-edged sword which cuts in all directions. Presently, the process of governance is in the control of “liberals.” It could as easily come under “conservative” control. Someday it could be controlled by factions as yet defined. In no case should politicians have the power they are presently assuming. To use the words of Lincoln: “government of the people, by the people and for the people” is the clear intent of our Founding Fathers and the system they codified.

Unless Americans decisively assert themselves at the ballot box (vote Democratic, vote Republican, vote independent, but for God’s sake, vote) this November and in November 2012, we will have implicitly, if not explicitly, given our consent to the dogma that Congress is the absolute power on Earth and in Heaven. We will have endorsed the belief that Congress has the authority to grant, create or deny any right it wishes by legislative fiat. In fact, we will be complicit in a violation of the establishment clause of the Constitution’s First Amendment by allowing the government to establish statism as a secular religion. Where’s the ACLU when you really need them?

Whether we agree or disagree with the current elected politicians, “We the people” better think long and hard about how we want our government to serve our interests. The day will come, if it hasn’t already, when the politicians will enforce their will and it will be in no one’s interest but their own. We will have ceded so much power to the politicians that, well, God help us. According to Jefferson, “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” Please, I implore you, wake up; be vigilant.

John Dolphin is CEO of CADS-USA in Hallam.


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