Defeat a Liberal, Stop Obama-care, Support Scott Brown for MA Senate

In a historically liberal bastion, the state of Massachusetts (a.k.a. Tax-a-chusets) where the race should be a blowout in favor of the democrat, Army Lt Col Scott Brown is in a virtual dead heat with liberal democrat Martha Coakley.

Why do you suppose this is?  Could it be that the people of Massachusetts have already experienced Obama-care in the form of their state run system and have seen how much of a failure it is?  Could it be that Coakley has vowed to vote FOR Obama-care?  Could it be that Brown is a TRUE conservative campaigning on the values that made America great?  Yes, yes, and yes.

If you believe the U.S. constitution is correct, if you believe RIGHTS come from God and not from government, if you think our government has overstepped its bounds, if you believe that the democrat health care takeover is a bad idea, then join me in supporting EVERY conservative candidate you can in EVERY state with whatever resources you can spare.  Donate money, volunteer to make phone calls, hand out fliers, send e-mails, make blog posts, talk to your friends, family and co-workers.  Anything you can contribute will help stop the liberal takeover of America.

Donate to Scott Brown’s campaign here:

Time is growing short.  The election is next week and the national level democrats, ACORN, and SEIU are invading the state to tip the scales in Coakley’s favor.  Let’s throw down the gauntlet and STOP THEM HERE.

It’s Not Ted Kennedy’s Seat, It’s the People’s Seat!

Scott Brown’s big day

January 12, 2010 Posted by Scott at 1:29 PM

Massachusetts GOP Senate candidate Scott Brown set out to raise $500,000 yesterday. In the event, Brown took in more than double his goal, racking up $1,303,302.50. Brown is going to need every penny and more to respond to Democratic opponent Coakley’s attack ad (now with Massachusetts spelled correctly!) and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee’s $567,000 last-minute ad buy. Contribute to Brown here.

Brown’s big fund-raising day led into his debate with Coakley and the conveniently named third-party candidate Joseph Kennedy. In the debate Brown got in the line of the night as the insufferable David Gergen sought to take him down.

Coakley’s best line was more a gaffe than a zinger. Coakley announced that it was time for the United States to pick up sticks in Afghanistan. No need to worry about any militant extremists: “They’re gone. They’re not there anymore.” (Ed Morrissey comments here.) Coakley also stood by her previously expressed support for the treatment of enemy combatants as criminal defendants.

Well, Coakley needed some help, and David Gergen did his best to supply it. John McCormack draws attention to Gergen’s work near the end of the debate. Gergen had two questions for Brown and Coakley each. After putting Brown on the spot over Roe v. Wade and “climate change,” Gergen lobbed a couple of softballs to Coakely. “Do you think it was right to insist on three people being at the debate?” Gergen asked Coakley. “As you look back on the campaign, do you have any second thoughts on how the campaign has unfolded?” What a chin-pulling hack (certified as “[o]ne of the nation’s most respected political thinkers” by the Minneapolis Star Tribune).

Politico reports that Coakley appears to hold a double digit lead in the race according to the most recent Democratic poll. This is consistent with Scott Rasmussen’s reading of the public polling in the race.

Please note, however, that although Rasmusen’s continues to see the same general dynamics at work in the race as in his earlier analysis, his latest take shows a sliver of daylight between Brown and Coakley. Those of us holding out hope that Brown will pull off an upset in this race can also look to William Jacobsen’s second and third reports from Brown HQ.

UPDATE: Jacobsen comments on Rasmussen’s latest poll and last night’s debate here


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  1. Please, I beg the people of Mass to elect Scott Brown and stop the madness of Obama care.

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