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If you’re catching flak, you’re over the target

Many “evangelicals” have let the Gospel get watered down by succumbing to the pressures of society.  The most influential pressure on the American church has been money.

Some politicians decided that they didn’t like what preachers were saying about them from the pulpit, so they employed a tactic that we often see employed by our oppressive government.  The sicked the IRS on the churches and threatened to take away their tax exempt status if the continued to speak out in the political arena.  Sadly, most churches and preachers tucked their tails between their legs and complied, thus compromising the Gospel.  Now they let themselves be kowtowed into subservience when told not to call homosexuality a sin, or anything else that might offend a sinner.

This was and continues to be a blatantly unconstitutional violation of the right to free speech.  Don’t give me the crap about “separation of church and state.”  That has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with this particular argument.  Anyone sitting in a church pew or standing behind the pulpit has just as much right, and I dare say a responsibility as a citizen, to express a political opinion as the talking heads on the liberally biased “news” shows.  You don’t see anyone telling them not to offend anyone, do you?


Eat This Book

by Brian Carpenter, Jan 07, 2010

… The least healthy segments of the Evangelical church are running as fast as they can down the road to classical theological liberalism, making the same mistakes in the name of “cultural relevance” that the mainline church made a hundred years ago. The world will always hate the gospel. When your gospel is not offensive to the world and you are not an object of ridicule to the unconverted, then you can be pretty sure that your gospel is not the true gospel, and that you have begun to tread the path of Friedrich Schleiermacher, trying to win over the “cultured despisers” as the expense of truth. Nothing but the sovereign power of the Spirit of God can make the gospel acceptable to lost and wicked men and women.

(Read complete article HERE)


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  1. Interesting article! Keep up the good work!

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