Media Bias Alert: Obama Official Peter Orszag Fathers Illegitimate “Love” Children

More evidence of the culture of corruption and immorality brought to the White House and Washington D.C. by Barack Hussein Obama.

And more evidence that the media formerly known as mainstream is complicit with the Obama agenda.

NBC Highlights (But ABC Skips) Obama Aide’s Love Child Scandal

By: Scott Whitlock
January 07, 2010 12:53 ET

Nine days after ABC announced on Good Morning America that financial correspondent Bianna Golodryga would be marrying top Obama official Peter Orszag, NBC’s Today made sure to highlight the revelation that the budget director has also fathered a child with his (now) ex-girlfriend. Good Morning America skipped this development, as did CBS’s Early Show.

Orszag, the director of the Office and Budget Management and his ex, Claire Milonas, released a statement on the birth of their daughter. In a possible attempt to embarrass rival GMA, Today touted the story with a graphic that screamed, “Oh Baby, Engaged Budget Czar Has Child With Other Woman.”

(Read entire article HERE)


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