Media Bias Alert: Media Like Happy Days Fonzie

Just like the character Fonzie in the TV show Happy Days was unable to physically form the word “wro…, wr, wr, wron…,” the word that meant he had not been correct, the media formerly known as “mainstream” is unable to say the word “liberal.”

Campbell Brown, one of the left’s attempts to put a pretty face on the ugly carcass of liberalism, actually called Senator Byron Dorgan a “conservative democrat.”

There is no such thing.

There aren’t even any moderates anymore.  What is a moderate anyway but someone who is afraid to tell you what they REALLY believe.

CNN: Senator Dorgan Now a ‘Conservative Democrat,’ No Liberal Tags

By: Matthew Balan
January 07, 2010 15:56 ET

CNN continued its spin on the retirement of Senator Byron Dorgan on Wednesday. Anchor Campbell Brown one-upped Wolf Blitzer’s “moderate Democrat” tag of the senator, going so far to label the liberal a “conservative Democrat.”

… Later in the interview, Brown asked about how President Obama’s agenda has affected his last year in office, and included her misleading ideological label of the Democrat: “Politically, how tough has it been, given President Obama’s very ambitious agenda on everything from health care, on energy regulation- especially for a conservative Democrat, how tough did that make your political life?” …

(Read complete article HERE)


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