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Media Bias Alert: DEMOCRAT Mayor Resigns in Disgrace

Had this been a REPUBLICAN mayor, you can bet the farm that the extremely and demonstrably biased media formerly known as “mainstream” would be all over this like a stink bug on a turd.  “Republican” would be said about every third word to make sure you knew it was a Republican.

But since it was a corrupt DEMOCRAT, you don’t hear a peep.  Few people who listen to the “mainstream” media know anything about DEMOCRAT corruption because it is never reported.


Network Evening Newcasts Ignore Resignation of Disgraced Baltimore Mayor; Morning Shows Forget Dem Label

By: Kyle Drennen
January 07, 2010 14:18 ET

While the Democratic Mayor of Baltimore, Shelia Dixon, resigned on Wednesday amid a criminal scandal, the evening news programs on NBC, ABC, and CBS all failed to mention the political downfall.

On Thursday, all three network morning shows offered news briefs on the resignation, however, all forgot to note that Dixon was a Democrat.

(Read complete article HERE)


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