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Judge Andrew Napolitano – Health Care Insureance IS NOT A RIGHT

Recently Judge Andrew Napolitano was a guest host on Glenn Beck’s program. He very eloquently laid out in his opening comments the difference between RIGHTS, and GOODS/SERVICES.

Once you break it down, it is easy to see the fallacy of the liberal argument that health care is a right. IT IS NOT A RIGHT!

Below I have included the bullet outline of the Judges comments as well as the video. The second half of the video is a good discussion that continues in part two of the video, which I’ve included as a bonus. You can find these and other videos of the Judge on Youtube.com.

Judge Andrew Napolitano: Health Care Is NOT a Right

  • Health care is not a RIGHT, it is a GOOD/SERVICE.
  • What is a RIGHT?
    • Is a gift from God
      • RIGHT to life
      • RIGHT to develop our personalities
      • RIGHT to think as we wish, to say what we think, to publish what we say
      • RIGHT to worship or NOT worship
      • RIGHT to travel
      • RIGHT to defend ourselves
      • RIGHT to use our own property as we see fit
      • RIGHT to due process, fairness from the government
      • RIGHT to be left alone
  • These are NATURAL rights
  • What is a GOOD?
    • Something we WANT or NEED, the OPPOSITE of a RIGHT.  It is something you buy, or that someone buys for you
    • We have rights from birth
      • NEED our parents when we are children
      • NEED ourselves as adults to purchase goods and services that we NEED or WANT
      • Food, shelter, clothing, education, car, legal representation, working out at the gym, and ACCESS TO HEALTH CARE are all examples of GOODS.
      • Those who say health care is a right simply want to extend a form of GOVERNMENT WELFARE.
      • Liberals argue that if people don’t have health insurance, they’ll just go to the hospital, and we’ll have to pay for it anyway.
        • Why should that be?
          • We don’t let people steal food from super market, or an apartment from a landlord, or clothing from a local shop
          • Why let them take health care from a local hospital without paying for it?
  • Liberals contend that’s charity
    • Wrong again
      • Charity comes from your own heart, not from the government spending your money
    • When we pay taxes to the government, and government gives that money away, that’s not charity, that’s WELFARE
    • When government takes more than it needs to secure our freedoms so it can give that money away, that’s not charity, that’s THEFT.
    • When government forces hospitals to provide “free” health care to those who can’t or won’t care for themselves, that’s not charity, that’s SLAVERY.
    • This is why we now have CONSTITUTIONAL CHAOS.  Because the government STEALS and ENSLAVES.
      • We outlawed that a long time ago.

Judge Andrew Napolitano: Health Care Is NOT a Right – 1 of 2

Judge Andrew Napolitano: Health Care Is NOT a Right – 2 of 2


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