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Harry Reid and Company MUST Go

Self-serving tyrants like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have been allowed to stay in office far too long, suckling on the golden breast of America.  They and others like them have gradually stolen power and wealth in ways the founding fathers warned us against.  It’s time to take our country back.  We need to replace every last one of the bums and get them to pass the laws that make sense for America, and conform to the constitution.  That includes voting for things that are not personally beneficial to said politicians.  Here are two of the things we should expect of our politicians.

  • Term limits – Politics was never intended to be a lifelong career.  Elected representatives were expected to represent their states and districts for a “season” of time, then return home.  That was to ensure fresh ideas, no self-serving entrenchment, and that the representatives were current and aware of desires and goings on in their home states/districts.  A careerist politician living in Washington doesn’t meet that intent.
  • Eliminate lifelong pensions – Again, they should only be in Washington long enough to convey the wishes of the electorate and return home to a REAL job.  These exorbitant pensions awarded after little or no work or tenure are an insult to America.  The automatic pay raises, especially at a time when 10 to 20% of Americans are out of work is even more insulting.  While they are in office (for their LIMITED number of terms), pay them well.  Just don’t do it forever.

If you are tired of the tyranny, here are some web sites you may want to visit.  Join the fight to retake and save America.

Our Country Deserves Better (http://www.ourcountrypac.org/)

Get Out of Our House! (http://goooh.com/Home.aspx)

Harry Reid compares opponents of the democrat health care takeover to slave owners.

Harry Reid thinks taxes are “voluntary.”  He’s either evil, an idiot, or an evil idiot.

Ronald Reagan had Harry Reid figured out a long time ago.  Time to fire Harry Reid.

Harry Reid said our troops failed, and insulted American voters saying “you could literally smell the tourists coming into the capitol,”  in addition to comparing those who disagree with his health care takeover plan to slave owners.  We’re tired of being your slaves, Harry.  It’s time for you to go.


2 Responses

  1. i know 2 people who are good friends with harry reeds doctor,,and his doc says he is now mentaly unstable and sometimes forgets where he is and what day it is…..I think him and polosies both have it

  2. just a man who does not see his grandkids and their kids paying for his mistakes…..

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