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Obama ‘Sacrifices’ Hawaiian Jobs for His Vacation

Mr. and Mrs. Obama, the undocumented occupants of the White House, have said that we all have to sacrifice.

Demonstrating their commitment to shared sacrifice, the Obama’s scaled back their Christmas, I mean HOLIDAY, vacation in Hawaii to ONLY TWO WEEKS! He has earned it, after all.  After a year where his only accomplishment was calmly watching legislators from his democrat party drain the treasury, anybody can see why Mr. Obama would be exhausted and in need of a vacation. The Obama’s even went on Priceline to bargain shop for accommodations.  Would you believe ONLY $4,000 per night for their modest 7,000 square foot mansion?  And in a further demonstration of sacrifice, the Obama’s elected not to spend excessive amounts of taxpayer money by renting all of Hawaii for their two week stay.  They cut back to just renting the two houses next door for all the friends and “associates” they flew in for the holidays.

Can you believe that?!?!  What amazing solidarity with the average American!  What compassion for those out of work, and for those working their a$$es off to pay for Obama’s vacation!  Our Dear Leader never ceases to amaze me.

And what’s even better, the Obamassiah is helping others to sacrifice as well.  By staying in Hawaii for two weeks, Obama is giving many workers on the island two weeks off from their dreadful jobs while sacrificing their paychecks.  As a side benefit, the revenue that these people will not be forced to generate won’t be available to the companies for which they work, possibly causing them to close down.  This will ensure that the spirit of sacrifice lives on for weeks, months, and perhaps years to come.

Thank you, Mr. Obama!  We couldn’t have sacrificed so much without you!


Some Businesses Say They Will Be Grounded By Restrictions

POSTED: 4:58 pm HST December 21, 2009
UPDATED: 12:05 pm HST December 22, 2009
HONOLULU — President Barack Obama is expected to be in the islands for the holidays. The nearly two-week-long vacation may prove costly to some island businesses.

For many local flight schools and air tour operators it has been a difficult economic year. Now, their companies will encounter even more financial turbulence with the president’s visit.

Mark Jones prepares planes to take off at George’s Aviation. The business heavily relies on flight training for a big part of its income. Those training flights will be largely grounded as part of the safety measures in place during Obama’s stay in Windward Oahu as temporary flight restrictions, or TFRs, will be in place.

“Within a 10-mile radius around Kaneohe Bay, only airlines, air am will be able to fly. That excludes the area around Honolulu Airport. There is another restricted area between 10 to 30 miles from Kaneohe Bay,” Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor said.

“Flight training is not approved of 30 miles of the president. So, effectively that will shut down the flight schools from training,” Jones said.

Some helicopter tours and charter flights may be allowed to fly. However, Pat Magie’s seaplane tours will be sunk by the restrictions.

“We can’t fly tourists. We can’t train. We’ve got an enforced two-week vacation without pay,” Magie said.

Why will some flights go up and other not? It comes down to security. The same security you face when you go to the airport.

Tour companies have been told they may be allowed to fly if Transportation Security Administration inspectors check out passengers and aircraft at a central airport location.

“We can’t do that. We’re on floats. We can’t land at the airport. So, they said, ‘You can’t fly then,'” Magie said.

For many air tour companies, things were just starting to take off after a rough fiscal year. Now, some, like Magie, will face more financial uncertainty after a very costly Christmas.

“We’ll probably lose $20,000 to $30,000 out of this,” he said.

Air tour companies have already had one meeting with federal agencies over the restricted air space. Some still hope to come up with a solution that will keep them flying and the president safe over the holidays.

3 Responses

  1. I do not get the logic behind calling ur President insensitive for taking a vacation (his first real one since being in office btw), being that every modern President has taken a vacation. Bush happens to be the leader in vacation time taken by a modern president. It is also not he presidents fault for having family in Hawaii that he would like to visit. You are sounding very insensitive to the fact that our leaders are people 2 and deserve a vacation. You must also know that the President has saved his money to afforded the places he and his family reside at, the man makes at least $350,000 a year, and was wealthy by the time he entered into the white house. So lets just allow our president to have a break. IN closing i believe that the men who have in companied the office of President really do have the best interest of our country in their heart 90% of the time, and we as citizens of this country should stop crying about the little things and start paying attention to the big picture.

  2. I don’t begrudge ANY president some R&R time. Being the president is one of the most stressful jobs on the planet.

    What I and most others have a problem with is Mr. Obama’s hypocritical attitude. It is like Nero fiddling while Rome burns. He and Michelle talk so much of how we must all sacrifice, yet all the sacrifice is coming from us. While we struggle to afford a frozen dinner from Wal-Mart, Obama has one or more lavish parties every week (at taxpayer expense). He flies in a pizza chef from half way across the country to cook at one of his parties (at taxpayer expense). He has parties serving $100 plus dollar per pound beef (at taxpayer expense). He hires rock bands to play at his parties (at taxpayer expense). Michelle wears her $500 sneakers to the soup kitchen. When they are demanding such sacrifice from taxpayers, does it seem fair that we foot the bill for this kind of extravagance? I don’t think so.

    You are correct to say that both Barack and Michelle were wealthy prior to sneaking into the White House. Tell me where they “earned” that money. Barack was supposedly a constitutional law professor, which I don’t believe based on his willful disregard for said document. Most of his money came through still questionable sources while he was “community organizing.” In other words, when he was intimidating voters. Once he somehow became a senator, somehow Michelle’s services suddenly became in demand by a big hospital where she demonstrably did nothing to earn her 6-figure salary. The only thing she did was dump patients who didn’t have insurance. There is still an ongoing investigation into this patient dumping scandal. She was hired to garner political favor from Barack Obama.

    As for leaders in vacation time, G.W. Bush did indeed spend quite a lot of time at both Camp David and at his ranch in Crawford, TX. If you pull up the news coverage of each and every stay at these locations, there were many, many times where he hosted world leaders and had working vacations. Of the 800 some odd days that he totaled between the two locations, probably close to half were of the “working vacation” variety. This will be common to Obama as he is finding out the hard way. Where Obama is beating out all other presidents is TRAVEL. This is where he is making up for vacation time. He has taken 10 trips over many days, and not all of that was for business. Not to mention, he dragged the family along for vacation time in Paris and England (at taxpayer expense).

    So, you see, it’s not that anyone begrudges the president some vacation time. It’s that we can’t stand the “do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do” attitude with which he has run his entire administration. In his world, sacrifice is only good for the peasants.

  3. Like what you did. Wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year !

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