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Why Gun Control Does Not Work: When Seconds Count, the Police are Only Minutes Away

Gun control only impedes law abiding citizens. IT DOES NOT STOP CRIMINALS, and in fact makes it EASIER for them to commit crime.

Think about this. Almost every place there has been a mass shooting has been in a so called “gun free zone.” Do you think the criminals see a sign that says “gun free zone” and leave in disgust looking for another target that allows them to carry guns? Don’t be stupid.

In every city where guns have been banned, the crime rate has exploded. Washington, D.C. following their 1976 hand gun ban is a perfect example. Innocent, law abiding citizens become like untended sheep being left to the wolves. Think about the Virginia Tech shooting, the Stockton school yard shooting, the church in Houston, Fort Hood, and countless others where an armed CRIMINAL psychopath wades into a crowd of UNARMED citizens and shoots at will until he runs out of bullets, or a late arriving police officer finally intervenes.

Now look at an example of a law abiding citizen in her home, about to be attacked and probably raped and killed by her assailant. The difference in this case is that she is armed and able to defend herself.

Video/Audio: Oklahoma woman defends herself

Here are other examples of citizens protecting themselves when the police were not around to do it for them. These stories made local news, but will never see the light of day in the media formerly known as mainstream because it doesn’t fit their anti-gun, anti-second amendment agenda.

Dressed in black hooded jackets and black masks, two men entered a Columbus, Ga., area home around 2 a.m. through a lower-level door. Upon hearing noises, the 47-year-old resident (who has been burglarized twice before) went to investigate. When he saw the burglars, the resident called out and the intruders reacted by charging toward him. The resident pulled a .357 Mag. pistol and fired at the men, possibly injuring one before they fled the home via a sliding-glass door. When police arrived, they were able to follow a trail of blood off the property, but the trail was lost in some nearby woods. No arrests were made. (The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, Columbus, GA, 09/10/09)

“I didn’t know who they were, and they kept asking, ‘Where’s the money?'” Bradley Fugate recalls of a frightening home invasion incident. Police say the armed suspects burst into the home shortly after Fugate opened the front and back doors to let some cool air inside. One of the men pushed Fugate’s niece onto a bed and began rummaging through a safe. “That was enough for me and it allowed me to get my gun from where I keep it. … I raised up and fired,” Fugate said. The shot missed and the struggle led to the kitchen. “He turned around and raised his gun up at me. That’s when I shot him,” Fugate explained. The suspect was killed. His accomplice fled, later committing suicide during a standoff with police. “I ain’t no hero, and I’m broken up about it,” Fugate said. “I did what I had to do.” (Dayton Daily News, Dayton, OH, 09/02/09)

Rocking her baby to sleep one night, a Traverse City, Mich., woman heard her kitchen door open and saw a strange man enter her home. “She’s just sitting there in the dead of night … and this guy comes in and scares the crap out of her,” Traverse City Police Capt. Steve Morgan said. The woman ran into her bedroom and alerted her husband who retrieved a handgun and confronted the suspect, Aaron TwoCrow of Suttons Bay, Mich. On seeing the gun, TwoCrow ran from the house and was later arrested. Police say he appeared to be intoxicated, but gave no indication as to why he had entered the home. He was charged with misdemeanor illegal entry. (Traverse City Record Eagle, Traverse City, MI, 09/22/09)

Police say a club-wielding intruder entered a home’s unlocked front door while the residents were inside. He snuck down a hallway, entered a bedroom and began stealing a coin collection. The homeowner heard the ruckus and accosted the intruder, who merely shouted threats and continued taking the coins. The homeowner left the room and returned with a handgun, firing a shot at the intruder. The suspect fled the property, scattering coins as he ran. He was being sought by police. (The Island Packet, Hilton Head, SC, 09/23/09)

When a grocery store manager saw a woman walking away with a stolen bag of meat products, she yelled for the woman to stop. According to police, the brazen shoplifter got into her car. As the manager was writing down the license plate, the shoplifter sped toward her, striking the manager and causing her to fall onto the hood. She held on for dear life as the car sped toward an exit. A bystander saw what was occurring, so he blocked the exit with his vehicle and demanded the shoplifter get out of her car. With the manager still holding on to the hood, the shoplifter tried to maneuver around the vehicle. The bystander, a concealed-carry permit holder, drew his 9mm pistol and yelled at the shoplifter to stop. She again refused. Fearing for the manager’s life, he fired a shot through the driver’s side window, striking the suspect as she sped off. The car travelled about 200 feet before the wounded driver slowed down. The manager got off the hood unharmed. Police arrested the shoplifter at the hospital. (Kansas City Star, Kansas City, MO, 09/03/09)

Early one morning, a pregnant woman had no idea she would be targeted by a young adult in the midst of a burglary spree. Police say the suspect had already burglarized several cars and homes when he entered the woman’s residence in the early morning hours. She awoke and confronted him with a shotgun, prompting him to draw a handgun. Rather than firing a shot, the pregnant woman explained to the intruder that her gun was larger. He put his gun away and waited for police. (Press-Register, Mobile, AL, 09/11/09)

Finally, consider nations around the world that are “free,” versus ones where oppression is the name of the game and crime is rampant. What differentiates the two? An armed citizenry. In every country where the citizens have been disarmed, tyranny soon followed. Switzerland is one models of success that we can look to. Every law abiding citizen is basically part of the militia, or “national guard” if you prefer. They have government issued weapons, ammunition, and are trained to use them. They have perhaps the lowest crime rate in the world.

Preventing law abiding citizens from owning guns is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, and in many cases is tantamount to murder. It’s not that the police don’t want to defend us. It’s that the government and legal system have tied their hands and kept the size of the police force such that they CAN’T protect us. If they happen to be around they are effective in preventing crime, but they can’t be everywhere at once.

As the title of this post says, “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”

Join the resistance to a government that wants to take away your constitutional rights, and perhaps even abolish the constitution. Make it clear that we will not let them take away our rights or our weapons. When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

You choose. Victim or survivor.


4 Responses

  1. Read Unintended Consequences by John Ross if you can find a copy. Ghost of Xmas Future?

  2. The second amendment is the reason every criminal, terrorist and psycho in America is well armed.
    If you really believe that this country is so dangerous that you must be armed everywhere you go, you must be crazy to live here.

  3. Alex,
    Drop me a line later when I have more time. I’d love to debate this issue with you. For now, suffice it to say that everywhere in the world where LAW ABIDING citizens have guns, the crime rate is much lower than the places where they do not. Every time in history when law abiding citizens were prevented from possessing fire arms, they became the victims of those who did not obey the law.

    Those who pound their guns into plowshares will plow for those who did not.

  4. That is one of the most naive things I’ve ever heard. So, I guess you think gun controls prevent criminals from getting guns and prevent crime? Do your homework, sir. EVERY time and place in the world where law abiding citizens have been prevented from possessing firearms, crime rates have increased, not decreased. EVERY time law abiding citizens have been prevented from possessing firearms they have become the victims of criminals and/or despotic governments. Germany, communist China, and Cambodia come to mind, but there are others. Remember, guns don’t kill people, people kill people. You have to punish the crime, not the object used to commit it. By your rational spoons make people fat, and cars cause drunk driving accidents.

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