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Jon Stewart Talks Climate-Gate (while the rest of the media sleeps)

When liberal hack Jon Stewart acknowledges Climate-Gate, there has to be something to it.  Too bad ABC, CBS, NBC, and the others refuse to even acknowledge the story.  Any wonder they are losing market share at about the same rate as Obama’s ratings are dropping?  People see those networks as the enabling liars of the liar they helped put in office, and the people are tired of the lies.

How do Obama and that idiot press secretary of his, Robert Gibbs, honestly and with a straight face sit there and deny that there is a problem with the whole “global warming” theory?  If he were being intellectually honest, wouldn’t he say that in light of the new evidence there needs to be a new and “transparent” investigation into the possibility of global warming?  Obama STILL intends to go to Copenhagen and sell us out.  The revolution will likely start shortly after he returns if he signs that treaty.

It’s not exactly “settled science” anymore.  Who are the deniers NOW?

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