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Ed Begley, Jr.: Global Warming Meltdown

Ed Begley, Jr. You’ve all seen him. His most recent “work” is the show that displays him living “green.”

I respect his choice to live the way he wants to live, but when faced with strong evidence that calls his beliefs into question he responds the way liberals typically do. Rather than respond with facts of his own, he attempts to shout you down and intimidate you. It’s kind of like those little rice-rocket cars you see all over the place. The guys who can’t afford the real engine mods to give them more speed simply modify the exhaust to make the car louder. More noise doesn’t make you faster, and in Mr. Begley’s case doesn’t make you right.

When the documents discussed in this interview were released, an atomic bomb was dropped in the middle of the man-made global warming/climate change camp. Yet rather than respond to the content of the documents, the proponents of man-made climate change simply attack the people who released the documents, and the act of releasing them.

The “scientists” in question (many of whom are politicians, not scientists) have been proven to have hidden evidence that would contradict their position on global warming. They are wrong, as is Mr. Begley, and they are supporting a movement that is designed merely to take away your money and freedom.




4 Responses

  1. What he did to Ed Begley Jr. This is exactly the wrong approach.

    “Why do you have to impose Green living on me” is wrong. We should all want to live more Green, but that’s NOT what this debate is about.

    It’s about people who believe in 100% Man-Made Warming imposing their views on the world (or the West, anyway) and shutting down debate – something that is NEVER appropriate in either Science or in a Democratic Republic.

    It has nothing to do with being Greener or wanting clean air. It’s about imposing a FLAWED scientific theory onto the economy in a way that will NOT solve the problem of pollution – especially if India and China are not required to stop being the world’s greatest polluters.

    The emails revealed that the theories behind Man-Made Warming are wrong, as are the computer models they used to develop them. The debate is NOT over, and CLIMATE SCIENTISTS are still divided on this. Hopefully, some will dare to speak out.about this now.

  2. Well said, Sir. One of the tidbits of PROVEN, UNDENIABLE science that the left ignores in its quest to control us is that plant life for the most part can not exist without CO2. CO2 is PLANT FOOD.

    There is all this talk about “going green.” We need to remember that there could be no “green” without CO2. Plants will die, oxygen levels will drop, pollution will increase. These things are PROVEN facts of how the symbiosis between plants and CO2 will affect us.

    I think a more accurate way to rename the “green” movement that most responsible people strive for would be to call it the “clean” movement. I don’t think there is anyone out there who does not think that living “cleaner” would be better for all of us and the planet. Pollution is bad and can be easily seen as such. But you can’t let someone with a power and control agenda come in and arbitrarily redefine something as a “pollutant.”

  3. I should have also mentioned that when Ed Begley, Jr. started yelling “Peer reviewed journals!” It should have been pointed out that the leaked emails showed a pattern of keeping “inconvenient facts” OUT of these journals.

    That was, in part, a missed opportunity by the interviewer.

  4. When the “peers” have inaccurate data to review, or the “peers” are turning a blind eye to the facts presented to support a common agenda, then peer review is worthless. It’s the proverbial crazy people running the funny farm.

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