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NBC and SNL Stray From the Reservation

You HAVE to watch this video.  I almost fell out of my chair, both from shock that SNL would do this, and from laughter.

Saturday Night Live is just a part of the right-wing hate machine at Fox News. The show is on NBC (the New Barack Channel), you say? That can’t be true. If that’s true, then it would appear that NBC is straying from the Barreservation.

Could it be that the TRUTH is finally sinking in to the thick skulls of these liberal political whores who have sold their journalistic souls to liberalism? Is it becoming apparent that spending a trillion dollars is not how to save a billion dollars? Is it becoming apparent that The American Rape Program (TARP), often called a “stimulus” by the left, doesn’t save or create jobs, doesn’t stimulate the economy, and only pays political debts while enslaving Americans economically for generations to come? Is it becoming apparent that Obama and nut-job liberals like Pelosi and Reid are willing and determined to sell YOUR soul to accomplish THEIR political and ideological goals?

We can only hope that there is somewhat of an awakening beginning to occur in the lame-stream media. Our future is going to be painful no matter what we do. But it will be much more painful than necessary, and possibly even destroy our nation if we don’t put a stop to Obama and the liberals NOW.

I don’t think we can afford to wait until 2010 anymore. Every city and state needs to begin the process to recall and fire the politicians who are supporting Obama’s anti-American policies, and they need to start NOW. If we wait, they will destroy too much by the time they are simply voted from office.





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