Ft. Hood Terrorist Nidal Hasan was Obama Advisor

You read that right.  Nidal Hasan was on the Homeland Security Policy Institute Presidential Transition Task Force.  An adviser on the Obama transition team.

Obama won’t jump to conclusions about a fellow muslim who guns down 13 people while screaming “allah akbar,” but he will immediately jump to conclusions about a white cop PROPERLY doing his job investigating what appeared to be a break in at the home of one of Obama’s race-baiting buddies.

Why hasn’t anyone covered this?  Where is CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Chicago Sun Times, and all of the other liberal rags on a story like this?

See page 29 of the attached pdf file to see it for yourself.

Nidal Hasan
Uniformed Services University School of Medicine
(…and aspiring terrorist and martyr. Soldier of allah? Try cowardly, hate-filled muslim.)




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