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Choose this day whom you will serve, but choose wisely.

Democrats in the senate are about to make the biggest mistake of their lives, and ours.

Many of them are still playing political games with our lives and our money to fool us into leaving them in power.

As I write this, they are beginning debate on whether to move forward with debate on the health care bill in the senate.  They need 61 votes.  The plan is to bribe, coerce, and otherwise influence enough of them to vote for this to proceed so that the bill can then be run through the same private, democrat-only conferences that gave us the house bill.  When it comes back to the floor for a vote it will only need 51 votes.  Some of the senators will be let off the hook by democrat leadership so they can then vote against the bill and go home to their constituents and pull a “John Kerry,”  telling their constituents they voted for the bill before they voted against it.

This isn’t just any politics-as-usual bill or situation.  America is on the edge of the abyss economically, and this bill will push us over.  Not to mention all of the freedoms and liberties that will vanish with the stroke of a pen when this monstrosity is signed into law.

Every battle we fight from here on out is a must-win.  We are fighting a delaying battle until reinforcements arrive.  We are fighting for the survival of America.

If you are an American citizen, if you love America, if you love freedom, liberty, and the American way of life, you will clog the fax machines, shutdown the e-mail servers, and fry the phone circuits on Capitol Hill to let them know we will not let them take from us what isn’t theirs to take.

Be a citizen, not a subject.

Are You A


Or Are You An


Choose this day whom you will serve, but choose wisely.

A vote to allow the current health care bill to move forward is a vote AGAINST America.

We know what games you are playing.  Many of you plan to vote for it now when there must be 60 votes for debate to proceed, then some of you will “strategically” vote against it when only a simple majority is required so you can go home and lie to your constituents and claim you “voted against the bill.”  You are liars and deceivers.

Make no mistake, any vote in favor of this legislation is a vote against America.  Understand that you are pushing us over a cliff.  We are already trillions of dollars in debt, you are playing the same shell games with money that landed Enron executives in jail to keep various government agencies afloat, other countries are bailing out of the U.S. dollar as their reserve currency, and many of the nations to which we are debtors are beginning to balk at buying any more of our debt.  Should that happen, there will be an INSTANT depression.  With your reckless spending of money that doesn’t even exist, you may have already sealed America’s fate.  Passing the extraordinarily expensive takeover of the American health care system will nail the coffin shut on America in more ways than one.

If you vote for this bill, you will be removed from Washington.

Over 200 of the house democrats have already been fired, but they haven’t accepted that fact yet.  They should start cleaning out their offices and packing their bags now.

You are the last legal and constitutional line of defense against this attack on America’s freedom and liberty.

Will you defend American’s freedom, liberty, and the United States Constitution?

Should you choose not to, do not think you will be untouched by the anarchy and chaos that is likely to result.

It’s time to choose.


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