Qaddafi Trolling for a Harem in Italy

This is why the West is losing to islamism.  We let our tolerance go too far.  We allow a fanatic to come to our shores and preach a religion created by a war-mongering, pedophilic illiterate, a religion that preaches hate, murder, domination, submission to islam with the only alternative being death, yet if we were to go to a muslim country and preach a TRUE religion of peace, they would not tolerate us for an instant.  We would be imprisoned, and in many cases stoned or executed in some other way.


Qaddafi to Italian Women: Convert

November 16, 2009 – 2:42 PM | by: Greg Burke

Libyan Leader Muammar al-Qaddafi gave a lecture on Islam to more than 100 young Italian women on Sunday night, encouraging them to convert and telling them it was false that Islam discriminated against women.  (No, islam doesn’t discriminate.  It oppresses and enslaves all women equally.)

Qaddafi, in Rome for the United Nations World Summit on Food Security, told the women that Christ came for the Jews, but that Mohammed came for everyone, according to Italian press reports.

Libyan officials used an agency that provides hostesses for conferences to advertise for Italian women between the ages of 18 and 35 to attend the talk, held at  the Libyan embassy in Italy. The women were told to dress modestly, with no miniskirts and no plunging necklines.  (This is the funny part.  They pretend to be pious and modest.  What a crock of bull-Pelosi.  I just spent a year living with muslims, and they are (most, but not all) the biggest bunch of perverts I’ve ever seen.  We couldn’t let them anywhere near our computers, and we dared not plug a thumb drive into theirs lest it burst into flames from all of the viruses on it downloaded from all the porn sites they surf.  They would proudly and energetically try to SHOW you all the porn on there computers whether you wanted to see it or not.  Much of the porn they have is stuff that people get thrown into jail for here in the states.  Yet them going through the motions of asking that these women not wear “revealing” clothing is what gets the headlines.  Don’t let them Pelosi you.  What a con job.)

At the end of the lecture Qaddafi gave each woman a copy of  the Koran, and took their names, telling them they would be invited for a vacation in Libya.  (They would be abducted and turned into sex slaves never to be seen again.)


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