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Pink Slips for the Democrats

Fax this to all of the demo-rats in the house of representatives.



Here’s your



219 of you, and you know who you are, voted to enslave Americans by voting for Pusher Pelosi’s Panacea health care “reform” bill.  If you have actually read this monstrosity, and you still voted for it, you have verified that you hate American values, hate the U.S. Constitution, hate the American way of life, hate freedom, and basically want to enslave Americans.

EVERY ONE OF YOU has dodged question after question about this legislation.  These weren’t hard questions, nor were they unimportant or unrelated questions to the matter of health care in America.

Here are some of the questions you HAVEN’T, CAN’T, and/or WON’T answer:

  • Where does the constitution give you the authority to mandate that citizens buy something from the government? (It doesn’t.)  Ms. Pelosi’s reply to this question?  “Are you serious?  Are you serious?”  Then she turned away and ignored the question.
  • If this bill is so great, why did you shoot down 11 separate amendments to make it mandatory that you be enrolled in the very same plan you are forcing on Americans? (Because you want power and control over Americans.)  You don’t REALLY care a hoot about REAL health care “reform.”
  • Do you REALLY plan on throwing Americans in jail if they don’t purchase the government insurance? All of your dodges around this question indicate that you do.  Have you looked at the cost of incarcerating someone versus what the fine is they would pay?  Yet you still want to throw people in jail.  This kind of thing hasn’t been seen outside of communist Russia, Nazi Germany, or any other totalitarian country.  Again, this speaks to your REAL motivation.
  • How can we afford this? (We can’t.)  The plan is not “deficit neutral,” it breaks Obama’s promise not to raise taxes on 95% of Americans, and it adds trillions to the debt and deficit.
  • Why aren’t there any of the features in this bill that would ACTUALLY reduce costs and increase availability and quality of health care? Answer: because you are pandering to special interests and consolidating your political power using taxpayer money.  Tort reform, limiting medical liability, NON-GOVERNMENT competition across states lines, and health savings accounts would provide REAL savings.  But this would mean that YOU weren’t in control, which is the whole purpose of your plan.

America simply can’t afford your plan, or any more of your incompetence.  Start packing your things, because YOU’RE FIRED!



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