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Our Government IS the Matrix

Some of you are wandering through life, flaunting your liberalism, thinking everything is just grand.  You have always believed that someone else will provide all of your wants and needs.  However, lately you have started to think that maybe, just maybe there is something that you are not being told.  Maybe things aren’t as rosy as you have been led to believe.  Everything seems to be part of a matrix…

So what is the Matrix?  It is the world of liberal lies constructed by our liberal, communist/socialist government that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

What is the truth?  The truth is that you are a prisoner of liberalism.  It is a prison constructed to imprison and enslave your mind.

This may all seem hard to swallow.  But your curiosity and awakening thirst for truth has brought you this far.

Congratulations on taking the red pill and seeking the truth.  Now follow me.  This is going to be a wild ride.

As you wake up from your dream, you will see that the government is using you.  It is feeding off of you and everyone else.  Once upon a time it derived its power from the people, now it simply takes it.

Once the government sees that you have awakened, begun to think for yourself, become self aware and aware of what government is doing to you, they will unplug you from your blissfully ignorant world that you thought was safe.  Then government will discard you into the sewer of life with the rest of the excrement.

Just before you drown in a sea of excrement, you are rescued by Liberty.  She shows you that teamwork is great, but that you can also do things on your own.  She shows you that all of the other promises that were made to you were simply lies to keep you compliant.  She teaches you that to prevent yourself from becoming a prisoner again, you need to think for yourself, and question everything.


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