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Between Us and Tyranny? The Senate

Nancy Pelosi, the Botox Bolshevik Bimbo herself, succeeded in strong-arming just enough of the democrat representatives, plus one traitorous republican Joseph Cao of Louisiana, into selling America into slavery.

I encourage you, and as many people as you can stir into action, to fax, write, call, and e-mail these deluded anti-Americans their “pink slips.”  They need to know that if we are in their district, we will vote against them.  They need to know that if we don’t live in their district that we will donate money to their challengers, work for their opponent’s campaign, make phone calls, put up signs, e-mail people, and do ANYTHING within our power to ensure that their tenure in Washington is OVER.  They also need to know that we are not doing this ALONE.  We MUST do this as a united front to sweep these people from office.  If we don’t, we are finished.  Their power will be complete, the districts will be restructured to elect who THEY want, and nothing that we say will matter in the slightest anymore (not that it matters much to them now).

Our last line of defense protecting us from total tyranny now is the senate.  We must PREEMPTIVELY do the same with them as I mentioned above.  If cooler heads do not prevail, and this sprint towards communism and the indentured servitude of all Americans isn’t stopped, I fear that the consequences for America will be violent and bloody.

Why do I say this?  I hear things.  Ask yourself how much will you let your government take from you before you snap?  They tax away so much of your income that you can’t make your house payment, can’t afford to buy enough food to eat every day of the week, get your car repossessed because you can’t make that payment, and can’t send your kids to college, how will you react?  When you’re sick, or worse you’re children are sick and there is a 3 week to 1 month wait to see a doctor, what will you do?  Two weeks into the wait for that doctor visit, your child has pneumonia, can’t breath, is turning blue, yet you can’t see a doctor, what will you do?  Is there a point at which enough of your liberty has been taken from you that you will actually get mad enough to forcefully try to get it back, or die trying? Nearly every day I hear people who UNDERSTAND liberty discussing that very question.  These are things that probably haven’t been discussed by rational people in this country since the 1700’s.  This is a scary time.  Again, I must be clear that I am NOT advocating any sort of revolution or violence.  I’m just telling you what I hear.  People are scared.  The “American Way” is about to be destroyed, and some of us aren’t ready to see that happen.

That is why I’m BEGGING you to do everything you can to help staunch the political bleeding and help convince our elected officials to act rationally.  They can’t continue to spend and tax the way they are while also destroying the economic engine that makes tax revenue available.  They can’t continue to destroy the lives and freedom of Americans and assume that there will be no consequence.  Most importantly, they can’t do all of this to us and be excluded from the repercussions.

Below is a chart from The Liberty Counsel that compares where several of the various health care bills stand on hot button issues.  So far, ALL of the democrat proposed versions STINK ON ICE.  You be the judge.  Do you like the idea of paying penalties for not buying the government mandated insurance?  Do you think it’s fair that illegal aliens won’t have to pay that penalty?  Do you like the idea of the national health care identification cards?  Sounds kind of like the mark of the beast to me.  Do you like the fact that EVERY VERSION THUS FAR calls for RATIONING OF HEALTH CARE?  If none of this seems to bother you, then take the blue pill and go back to sleep.

Click here for chart:


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