Nov 7, 2009: Today Our Government Chooses to Either Defend or Oppress Us

To the members of Congress, especially the “Blue Dogs:”


She is willing to throw you and your career under the bus to grab power.

The current health care proposals from Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid…

  • Push state-run health care
  • Unconstitutionally mandate that private citizens purchase government products
  • Uses taxpayer funds to pay for abortions
  • Raise taxes
  • Destroy jobs
  • DRAMATICALLY increase the size of government
  • Reduce the availability of health care
  • Increase the cost of health care
  • Reduce the quality of health care
  • Do nothing to address the REAL reasons that health care is more expensive than it should be
  • Will do all of the above for the purpose of “making health care more affordable,” which it will not do

Instead of punishing 95% of Americans to help 5% or less, if you really want to make health care more affordable, you have to reduce the COST, not just the PRICE.  There is a big difference.

One of the biggest reasons health care is so expensive is because doctors have to spend vast sums of money defending themselves from frivolous lawsuits, and when damages are awarded they are exorbitant.  Tort reform and limiting or capping medical liability to eliminate “jackpot justice” would dramatically reduce costs of health care.

Next you need to increase competition in insurance, but not with government in the competition.  Allow competition across state lines.  These few things along with portable medical savings accounts, allowing patients to pay a cash price for services would truly make health care more affordable WITHOUT COSTING TAXPAYERS MORE MONEY,  DESTROYING A SOLID HEALTHCARE SYSTEM, OR INCREASING THE SIZE OF GOVERNMENT.


We do not want government takeover of our health care, or anything else.  The government has stolen too much of our freedom and choice already.

Voting for this bill, or anything resembling it will ensure that your career in Washington is over.  You will be voted from office, recalled, impeached, or removed by whatever mechanism your state has in place to remove you.  I and legions like me will vote against you, campaign against you, donate funds to candidates who oppose you, and do all that it takes to make sure your career is over sooner rather than later.  Don’t let Nancy’s ambition come at your expense.







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