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Cap-and-Trade Stealth Attack

Sen. Barbara Boxer is trying to pull a fast one!

She wants to force her outrageous Boxer-Kerry cap-and-trade energy rationing and taxing scheme through the Senate Environment and Public Workers Committee this week, while the country is focused on health care. Sen. Boxer is even trying to force it through without the official EPA analysis of what’s in the bill and how much it will cost.

It’s bad enough to try to pass the biggest tax hike in history, hidden in what’s supposed to be an environmental bill. But slamming it through a committee when it hasn’t even been analyzed by the EPA is wrong. The public has a right to know what’s in the bill and what the EPA thinks it will cost.

Committee votes matter, because once a senator supports something in committee it’s very hard for them to change their mind on later votes. That makes it even more outrageous that the first votes could be cast while much of the bill-and its sky-high costs for regular Americans-remain secret.

Below is the letter I faxed to the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee members, and e-mailed to various news outlets. I’ve also provided a list of the members of that committee.

Senate Majority Committee Members
Barbara Boxer (Chairman)
Max Baucus
Thomas R. Carper
Frank R. Lautenberg
Benjamin L. Cardin
Bernard Sanders
Amy Klobuchar
Sheldon Whitehouse
Tom Udall
Jeff Merkley
Kirsten Gillibrand
Arlen Specter

Senate Minority Committee Members
James M. Inhofe
George V. Voinovich
David Vitter
John Barrasso
Mike Crapo
Christopher S. Bond
Lamar Alexander


From:    xxxxxxxxx
Nov 04, 2009

Subj:      Cap-and-Trade

To:          Senators of the Environment and Public Works Committee

Cc:          Various news organizations and private citizens


It has come to my attention that while most of America is focused on the health care debate, the Boxer-Kerry cap-and-trade bill is about to be forced through your committee this week.  As I understand it, the bill has not yet been scored by the CBO or analyzed by the EPA.  What is the big rush?

There are so many reasons why this bill, the Copenhagen Treaty, or any form of cape-and-trade/tax is/are bad for America.  I’ll try to list a few of the most important.

  • Surrender of American sovereignty
  • Rule and taxation by foreign powers
  • Loss of freedom for American citizens
  • Destruction of American jobs
  • Destruction of the American economy
  • Other emerging industrial nations such as China and India have already said they will not go along with this, which would make us the only major industrialized power reducing carbon emissions and submitting our wealth to the new global government
  • America alone can’t significantly influence the amount of carbon production on the planet
  • Carbon dioxide has not been proven to be a significant factor in global warming/climate change
  • Global warming is not happening.  Scientists have actually proven that the earth has actually been cooling for the last decade.
  • Previous warming trends on earth coincided with warming trends on Mars and other neighboring planets, supporting the evidence that the amount of solar activity is the major factor driving global warming or cooling.
  • Scientists have proven that a rise in global temperature is not tied to a rise in CO2.
  • CO2 IS PLANT FOOD! Think back to your elementary school, high school, and college science courses.  CO2 is not a poison, but is in fact a necessary element for life on earth.  Plants cannot survive without CO2.
  • Without CO2, there could not be a “Green Movement.”  The earth would be brown, plants, animals, humans would be dead.

A vote for any type of cap-and-trade is a vote AGAINST America.  A vote for an idea that is based on faulty science that would effectively destroy the American economy is foolishness.  Allowing such a measure to pass would back Americans into a corner from which there would be only one way out.  I implore you not to drive America down that road.

Sincerely Concerned Citizen,



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