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Ted Danson, Joy Behar: Uneducated Bias

Behar, being the “un-biased journalist” she is, leads Danson on a bashing tour of American conservatism.  Danson insults the nearly 80% of Americans who profess to be Christians.  They insult whoever they wish at will, and act as if THEY are the ones attacked when the real victims of their slander get angry.

I am a peace loving individual, but idiot “children” like this sometimes drive me to the point where I’m about to lose control and just beat the crap out of one of them to make an example.  Then they should be sent to their rooms with not microphone privileges.

Further commentary and video below.



Ted Danson: Rush Limbaugh, Religious Right ‘Really Piss Me Off’

By Jeff Poor
Created 2009-11-03 07:01

There’s no better example than political commentary from a Hollywood elite to demonstrate how low some conservatives are regarded. According to actor Ted Danson, some conservatives just being manipulated by Rush Limbaugh and organized religion because they’re not smart to formulate their own beliefs.  (If you don’t spout the liberal line, people like Danson, Behar, Nancy Pelosi, etc. think you are not capable of independent, rational thought.  These condescending pseudo-intellectuals think they are smarter and more intelligent than we are, therefore they should be able to dictate our fate.  Bah!  It will be a cold day in Hell before I follow people like them anywhere.)

Danson, who has starred in both “Becker” and “Cheers,” (and that’s ALL he ever did worthwhile) appeared on HLN’s Nov. 2 “The Joy Behar Show” [1] and was asked to respond to Rush Limbaugh’s criticism of Barack Obama on Nov. 1 “Fox News Sunday.” [1] Danson questioned the notion that Limbaugh, who is a self-made success, is really “one of the people.” Instead, he accused him playing on people’s fears and anger to make money, which he didn’t like.  (Where is he when Pelosi, Reid, and Obama are playing on our fears claiming “all of the children will die,” or “all of the polar bears will drown,” or “global temperatures will rise and we’ll all die?”  IF, and that’s a big IF, Rush is doing as Danson claims, he is entertaining and audiences listen to him because they agree with or enjoy what he is saying.  By contrast, when the liberals are doing it, it is to GAIN POWER and CONTROL over your money, wealth, possessions, freedom, and lives.  I’d say that’s one heck of a bid difference.  Hypocrites.)

“The people of the people, Rush, one of us, yeah,” Danson said. “Those are the people that really piss me off, to be honest. I totally understand people who are angry and are fearful. I understand people who church is a huge part of their life. I understand people not wanting their daughters to watch MTV. I understand and have empathy for all those people. (“Empathy?”  I doubt that.  “Sympathy” I might believe.) The people that come along and make use of those people’s fears and insecurities to make money or to make something, a position for them, you know, more palatable, those people are … shame, shame.”  (Again, I ask you, Ted.  What do you have to say about your liberal “friends” who are “fear-mongering” for far more nefarious purposes?  Hypocrite.)

Behar prodded Danson to name people that were guilty of his charge of playing on anger and fear, which he said not only Rush, but also the religious right.

“You know what – pretty much the religious right does that, by and large. You know?” Danson replied.  (Interpretation: So, all of you Christians and conservatives (said with disdain) out there are despicable fear-mongering snake-oil salesmen.)

Behar called them “extremists,” a suggestion Danson agreed with and got Danson to elaborate on how they play on people’s fears.  (Behar is planting leading, biased suggestions.  Why doesn’t the White House condemn her?)

“The people’s fears, you totally understand,” Danson said. “I understand that. I understand wanting to go to a mega-church because the rest of your life is tough. You know, I understand all of that, but then you come along and organize those people off of their fears and anger and I think that’s too bad.”  (Most of the “mega-churches” I’ve either attended, or watched several of their sermons tend to preach a “feel good,” “name-it-claim-it” theology that leaves out several important aspects of the Bible from their teachings.  Those who preach that if you do “x” you will be wealthy, or if you do “y” you will be happy in many cases are deceiving their congregations.  Christianity ISN’T about being wealthy or happy, it’s about following Christ and His teachings.  Christians are never promised that life will be easy, or that they will be happy. In fact they are promised that if they follow Christ, they will be attacked for their faith.  The evidence proves this to be true.  They are promised that if they are in the center of God’s will they will have JOY.  Happiness is temporary joy based on circumstances.  Joy is permanent happiness based on faith.  Danson displays not only his ignorance, but also his lack of salvation.)

Behar also accused those same people of being “encouraged” to vote against their interests and Danson alluded to opposition to a government option of health insurance, suggesting it was being opposed by people it would help.  (No, it’s being opposed by people whose hard earned wealth, freedom, and prosperity will be stripped from them by a power hungry government.)

“Who’s going to be able to get the government, what do you call it, with insurance, the government … the public option,” Danson said. “Right, only people who don’t have insurance. So people who don’t have insurance would rather not – they don’t want it.”

Behar’s explanation – those in power were in cahoots with big insurance.

“They don’t want to have too much competition for the insurance companies,” Behar said.  (The left has LIMITED competition for insurance companies by preventing them from competing across state lines and in other markets.  There would be more companies, more competition, and lower prices for consumers if THE GOVERNMENT weren’t ALREADY screwing up health care.)



[1] http://www.cultureandmediainstitute.org/articles/2009/20091103061048.aspx



5 Responses

  1. So Rusky gets punked because he does not fact check (Not the first time)? Wow, what a surprised.

    Oh, and when contronted that he was punked, he defended himself by saying “we stand by the fabricated quote because we know Obama thinks it anyway” (Yeah good try to save face, what a loser)

    After so many years of mis-labeling and mis-characterizing others he gets smacked down by the NFL “Not For Limbaugh”. Way to go NFL, great job!

  2. Montana,
    What does the NFL ownership issue have to do with Danson insulting over half of the country?

    What facts weren’t checked, and by whom? Do you have sources, or are you just going to throw bombs?

  3. I cannot stomach that Behard…she hasn’t a damn clue as to what she is talking about. She is the worse brown noser i have ever seen. She is pushing 70 and is desperate to look, act and speak 30… Her comedy is not funny at all either. Whoopi and Sherri and Babawawa haven’t a clue either.

  4. I, too, love Mustangs. The flying type especially, but also the four-wheeled variety.

    It’s amazing what passes for intelligence these days. Why would ANYONE give credence to anything that bunch of ninnies has to say? They are much further biased to the left than ANYTHING or ANYONE on Fox News is to the right, yet we don’t see Octobama sticking his tentacles into their show and complaining about how unfair they are, now do we?

  5. http://www.impeachobamacampaign.com/

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