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Conservatives vs. GOP

For those who haven’t been following the NY23 congressional election, here’s the Cliff’s Notes.  There WERE three candidates in the race:  democrat Bill Owens, “republican” Dede Scozzafava, who was more liberal than her democrat opponent, and Conservative Party Candidate Doug Hoffman, who is not a big time politician, but rather a CPA who decided to take a stand.  Initially many of the republican party leadership, and prominent republicans like Newt Gingrich threw their endorsements to Scozzafava, along with thousands of dollars.  However, CONSERVATIVES including Sarah Palin and others endorsed Doug Hoffman.  The fact that Scozzafava was indeed a liberal, and that many GOP officials were supporting her, began to erode support for her and bolster Hoffman.  Eventually Scozzafava’s numbers dropped so far that she finally dropped out of the race.  The thing to notice is that when she dropped out, SHE ENDORSED THE LIBERAL DEMOCRAT, thus exposing herself beyond any shadow of a doubt as a RINO.

The media formerly known as mainstream is using this event to attack the GOP, claiming “civil war,” “infighting,” “exclusion of differing opinions,” and so on.  They are ignoring what’s really going on.

Americans are tired of not having their American values represented.  The GOP USED TO largely represent conservative, traditional American values, but strayed away from that in recent years to become the “democrat-lite” party.  The GOP because of their non-conservative spending and other non-traditional American behavior got their collective assets handed to them in 2006 and again in 2008.  Why?  Because Americans want CONSERVATIVES, not republicans.  Americans are sending a message to the GOP: Get RIGHT, or get left.  Either return to your conservative roots, or become irrelevant.

So, are the republicans “purging” RINO’s?  Are they packing up the “big tent?”  Is there a “civil war” in the republican party?  If it means that the GOP is waking up and returning to it’s conservative roots which the majority of Americans support, then that’s great.  If the GOP chooses to continue its pursuit of mediocrity, which means choosing irrelevance, then the GOP will be history and a new conservative party will rise up to take its place.

Here are some articles of interest which illustrate how the left is simply trying to divide and destroy the opposition.

Gibson Frets: ‘Liberal Republican Gets Forced Out, What Happened to the Big Tent?’

Hardball: GOP Russian-Like ‘Purge’ of RINOs Leading to ‘Crack Cocaine of Reduced Republicanism’

CBS’s Smith: Will Conservative Turn in NY-23 Race ‘Kill’ GOP?

NYT’s Frank Rich: ‘The G.O.P. Stalinists Invade Upstate New York’

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos Spins Hoffman Race as a GOP ‘Civil War’


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