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Republicans: Relevant or Not?

The republicans as usual of the last 10 years are behind the power curve in detecting trends in America.  They are still playing politics as usual as evidenced by the division in the party over NY 23 race.

They keep asking for money, but I’m not inclined to give “the party” any of my hard earned cash, and the note below that I sent as a reply explains why.

Note: I know that when referred to as the republican or democrat party, those titles are supposed to be capitalized.  However, that denotes a measure of respect.  Until either party earns it, that is just one more display of my disrespect for all of them.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the republican party,

We face a dilemma.  America is being destroyed by liberalism and charging headlong into socialism, perhaps communism.  The democrats are leading that charge, but the republicans are doing little to stop it.  With a few notable exceptions, the republican party has few TRUE CONSERVATIVES and is essentially democrat-lite.  There is no REAL leadership emanating from the party.  It is a rudderless ship adrift at sea.  Instead CONSERVATIVE leadership is coming from the grass roots efforts springing up around the country, and the republicans appear to be merely reacting to it.  Most republican leadership is still playing party politics as usual.  The initial endorsement by many republicans of Scozzafava in NY, a liberal if there ever was one, illustrates my point.  Only after a groundswell of support for Hoffman made it obvious that Scozzafava was not the candidate of choice did republican leadership begin changing their endorsements to the CONSERVATIVE candidate.

Despite your minority status in the senate (the same goes for the house), there is much more that the lot of you could be doing to stir things up and expose liberal corruption.  The democrats played that game for years, and that’s the one way in which conservatives would like to actually see you emulate them.  FIGHT BACK!

You see, most Americans want TRUE conservative leadership.  That is what the republican party USED TO provide.  But over the last 3-4 presidential terms the republican party has compromised the platform on which it was built.  That is why I and many like me will not be supporting the republican party directly.  I will directly support the individual candidates that display true conservative values and leadership.  If you do not recognize this, you are going to miss the counter revolution that saves this country.

Relevance or irrelevance.  It’s your choice.



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