CBO: Higher Taxes Under Obama-care

I just heard Jed Babbin (sitting in for Roger Hedgecock) list off the new tax bill for Obama-care according to the latest CBO report.  Are you ready for this?

  • $201 Billion – Excise tax on unions and others who have “premium” healthcare plans
  • $4 Billion – Fines on those who are uninsured (i.e. who don’t sign up for Obama-care)
  • $23 Billion – Employers will pay these taxes for their workers who receive benefits from the new healthcare “exchanges.”
  • $38 Billion – Taxes on medical device manufacturers (pacemakers, artificial hearts, artificial knees/hips/etc.)
  • $22 Billion – Taxes on medicines

Grand Total: $288 Billion in new taxes and fees under Obama-care.

What happened to the guarantee by the mOssian that 95% of us were not going to see “one dime” of new taxes?

For those of you Obama voters out there who generally don’t live in the real world, I have to ask again, how’s that hopey changey thing working out for you?  I’m hoping for real change, because I can’t afford the kind Obama has given us.  I’m hoping for a change from Obama and the communists in charge to a government that respects and obeys the constitution and listens to the American people.


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