The Obama Way: Intimidate, Silence, and Eliminate the Competition

I’m not calling Obama “Hitler.”  He’s doing a fine job of making his own name infamous without any help.  Still, the parallels with other infamous dictators ARE there, and must be addressed.

The tactics Obama and company are employing to silence dissent are right out of the playbooks of people like Alinsky, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Mussolini, and Chavez.  He says what sounds reasonable to most people while building the framework of the means to betray them.  Once he has the means/power for the betrayal, then all pretense of civility will vanish, and we will just be left with another tin-pot dictator.  Give a man and inch, and he wants to be a ruler.  Give him a rope, and he thinks he’s a cowboy.

If left unchecked, unopposed, and unaccountable Obama will destroy America.  He and the liberal democrats have already done damage that will be difficult or impossible to reverse.  The chances for us to prevent being known as a ONCE great nation are dwindling rapidly.


October 19, 2009

The Obama Way: Eliminate Competition of Ideas

Aaron Gee
On September 8th President Obama told ABC news “…… Democrats and Republicans understand that I’m open to new ideas, that we’re not being rigid and ideological about this thing, but we do intend to get something done this year.”  The idea that the Obama administration is open to new ideas and that they are not rigid or ideological is false on its face. The administration, in conjunction with Democrats in Congress, have worked to keep Republican sponsored ideas and legislation off from the floor of both the House and the Senate and out of the headlines.  Obama and the Democrats have steadfastly refused to seriously address ideas like tort reform even though such measures lowered costs in Texas and increased the number of doctors practicing in that state.

The most recent example of the President’s distaste for any idea that doesn’t emanate from the bowels of the Democratic machine is the relentless haranguing of Fox News by the Obama administration.  What is clear to anyone that is paying attention is that the President doesn’t want competing ideas heard, and with a near lock on other media outlets there is only one mass media outlet (Fox) where a competing idea can even be seen. The fact that criticism of the current Democratic plans resonate with several different voting blocs further aggravates the Obama administration.
It doesn’t matter if one looks at the current administration’s action toward Fox News as an Alinsky tactic or a distraction, the aim is the same: squash dissenting opinion and ideas while working to pass legislation before it can read or debated. The tactics of the Obama administration are exactly the opposite of what one would expect from people that claim that they are fighters. Instead of reveling in the debate and winning in the court of public opinion with a better idea, Obama prefers to play as he has in the past: by eliminating the competition and pushing bills that are advertised one way but turn out to be another.

Expect the same sort of “transparency” we saw with the stimulus package, a bill that was released moments before a vote was taken, or protests registered.  What really bothers the Obama administration is the legislation that the Democrats are attempting to pass is being communicated to the American people and the American people aren’t buying it.
By targeting a media outlet it’s clear that what Obama wants is control, not any of the ideals he promised, such as transparency, debate, and a workable solution. This isn’t the first time Obama has played three card monte with the American people, what is different now is that the Administration is trying to eliminate the only watchdog keeping an eye on our card.

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