Government: Do as I say, not as I do.

Not only did the liberals in congress omit wording that would make healthcare reform apply to them, THEY SPECIFICALLY REJECTED AMENDMENTS that would have made the new bill apply equally to them.  The same has been true of almost all of their legislation in recent years.

If congressmen and senators saying that their healthcare reform ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH FOR THEM doesn’t tell you it should be rejected, you must be a masochist who loves being abused by all comers.


October 13, 2009

Time for Congress to Work Under the Same Rules as the Private Sector

by James Sherk and Ryan O’Donnell
Backgrounder #2326

Abstract: All too often, Congress imposes restrictive and burdensome regulations on employers in the private sec­tor–while conveniently exempting itself from these same rules. Many Members of Congress are currently urging passage of the misnamed Employee Free Choice Act and RESPECT Act, which, again, would leave Congress untouched. This paper demonstrates the hypocrisy of such an approach, and urges Congress to either swallow its own medicine or to extend the same rights to the private sector that it claims for itself. …

(click HERE for complete article)


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