Keep Up the Pressure! Your Freedom is at stake!

Text of my latest letter to the senate.  Keep up the pressure.  Your freedom is at stake.


To Members of the United States Senate

Dear Senator:

I don’t know how the American people can make it any more clear to you.    WE DO NOT WANT YOUR HEALTH CARE REFORM!

The “reform” that many of you intend to support and shove down our throats does nothing more than give you more power over our lives.  It will allow you to “legally” take more of my money without my consent.  It will allow you to force me to do things that are not in my best interest, or in the best interest of this country.  I will have no choice in my own life.  That is un-American.

By not listening to your constituents and advancing your personal agenda, you are proving that our government is out of control and needs to be replaced.  We are fed up with your irresponsibility, Mr. and Mrs. Senator.  Should you choose to support this bill, or any iteration of it that leads us toward more government control of our lives, rest assured that we the people will spare no expense of time and money to see that you are voted out of or otherwise removed from office, no matter which state you represent.




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