Dept. of Homeland Security WANTS Illegal Aliens Here

It doesn’t get any more obvious than this that Obama and our government have no intentions of stopping illegal immigration.  The first smackdown scarecrow came under Bush when the two border agents were jailed for doing their jobs.  Now Obama is preventing local and state agencies from doing what the federal government refuses to do.

When the federal government, led by Barack Hussein Obama, and its agencies such as the Department of “Justice” (headed by Obama appointed Eric Holder) and the Department of “Homeland Security” (headed by Obama appointed Janet Napoli-Reno) ARE NOT and WILL NOT enforce our immigration laws, and they are doing everything possible to prevent local and state agencies from enforcing those laws, how in the name of all that is good and holy are we supposed to stop illegal immigration?

If the government has any say about it, we won’t be allowed to stop it.  Politicians in Washington in BOTH parties have been obstructing efforts to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into this country.  This ties into the issues of healthcare, and every other government run program where tax payer money is being given to non-citizens who do not deserve, nor should they be eligible to receive any of these benefits.  America can’t afford to continue this practice, and American citizens and tax payers don’t deserve to be treated this way.


DHS strips Arizona sheriff of authority to patrol for illegal immigrants

Q1X00106_9 Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio says he will continue his controversial “crime suppression operations” despite a Department of Homeland Security decision to strip him of authority to arrest suspected illegal immigrants based solely on their immigration status, the East Valley Tribune reports.

“It’s all politics,” says Arpaio, sheriff of Maricopa County.
Arpaio will still have the power to check the immigration status of people booked by his officers, but not the authority to conduct street patrols looking for illegal immigrants.

AZ_GT His “crime suppression operations” are saturation patrols in designated areas where deputies would find illegal immigrants by stopping them for traffic infractions and minor violations, the paper says.
The department of Justice and other federal agencies are investigating the sheriff’s office on accusations of racial profiling during the operations, the paper says.

Arpaio said he will be able to still conduct the crime sweeps under state human smuggling laws and an obscure federal law that allows local police to arrest illegal immigrants.

A spokesman for the Phoenix office of ICE declined to comment until after pending agreements with the country are signed.

(Photo by Ralph Freso, East Valley Tribune, AP)

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