What plan?

THIS IS INSANE!!! The very same sons (and daughters) of female dogs who will not fund the military sufficiently to buy enough equipment or maintain enough manpower to prevent “structure and capability gaps” are now demanding to know what the services are going to do about it!

I’ll tell you exactly what the military is going to do, and why.  They are going to play the hand they are dealt and stick a finger in the dike like they always do because that’s all they can do.  In doing so they will ruin many soldier’s, sailor’s, and airmen’s careers through no fault of the individuals.  The military has a paradigm that you must fit in order to progress, make rank, and thus reach a point where you are eligible to retire.  When these funding crises come along, the military typically has a knee jerk reaction that doesn’t have any long term view.  These knee jerk reactions officially place military members off of the current career path with no consideration of this when the individual meets a promotion board.  You see, when the military has one of these knee jerk reactions that effectively changes the “career paradigm,” it usually takes 5 to 10 years for the paradigm to catch up to reality.  In the meantime, the best and brightest are forced out.  The experience levels drop, and you begin to see mistakes made and scandals arise.

You can also expect the political careerists running our military to come up with a plan that spreads our inadequate forces even more thinly, but sell it to their masters on Capitol Hill in such a way that it sounds like there is no problem.  Trust me, the emperor is naked.

So, what is the “plan?”  The same as it has been every time we find ourselves in an era of military draw down.  The military, being the well disciplined, patriotic protectors of the constitution that they are will simply hunker down and wait.  They will wait until we are attacked again, and the same liberals who placed us in a position of weakness will blame the military for that weakness.  If we survive the attack(s), we will go into crisis rebuilding mode.

Our political leadership has an air of superiority about them.  They think that they are more educated than we the people, and therefore know better how to run America.  As the old saying goes, “Those who don’t their history are doomed to repeat it.”  For a bunch of people who are supposed to be so smart, they certainly don’t seem to have learned much during their history classes.



What’s the Plan?

What’s the Plan?

USAF may have to rationalize its 2010 tactical fighter retirement agenda.

October 2, 2009—Sen. Kit Bond (R-Mo.) has proposed an amendment (SA 2596) for the 2010 defense spending bill that would prohibit the Air Force from executing its 2010 fighter aircraft hit list until the service provides lawmakers with “a detailed plan” about the aftermath, according to the Congressional Record for Oct. 1.

Bond, along with Sen. Robert Bennett (R-Utah) and Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.), want USAF to inform Congress about how the service will fill force structure and capability gaps. And, the Senators want to know what USAF is doing about follow-on missions and jobs for both active duty and reserve forces.

They also want to know what criteria the service used to select the affected units and targeted fighters and how much the service will save and to what use it will put those dollars.

Lawmakers have expressed concern since USAF released the list and since hearing that the Air National Guard is facing a fighter shortage to fulfill its homeland air defense mission.

Air Guard boss Lt. Gen. Harry Wyatt testified earlier this year on this capability gap, and just last month suggested that ANG should get more F-35s sooner than presently anticipated.

However, USAF Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz commented later that he believes Wyatt’s suggestion was symptomatic of the Total Force’s reluctance to give up “missions with which we were comfortable.”

Meanwhile, the Senate plans to take up the defense bill again on Tuesday.


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