Copenhagen Fallout: “I can’t believe we didn’t…”

It was a million bucks JUST for Air Force 1.  The first malady went separately on an Air Force 757.  Why?  Then you have a couple of C-5’s or equivalent airlift to carry all the helicopters and limos, the support and security personnel, etc.  If this boondoggle cost a dime less than $10 million I would be shocked.  Oh, but he met with his top general in Afghanistan for a whopping 20 minutes.  Let’s see… In the 70 days since General McChrystal took over, Obama has talked to him twice, about 20 minutes each time.  So, Obama has met with the commander of what he said was the most important part of our war on man caused disasters when he was a candidate for an average of 35 seconds per day.  Does that say to you that he thinks winning (in Afghanistan) is important?  But I digress.

Instead of hearing how much Obama is traveling (more than Bush), how much it costs (not just for AF1), or how big his carbon footprint is, what we hear from the media formerly known as mainstream is simply silence.  Actually, let me correct myself.  When the votes in Copenhagen were tallied, the sound bite from one MFKAM anchor pretty much summed up the Obamabot response to this whole thing.  This reporter stammered through about 30 seconds of airtime in total disbelief that the mOssiah had been denied.  It went something like “Wha…, we didn’t…, I can’t believe this.  But president Obama and the first lady gave speeches.  I can’t believe Chicago didn’t win.  This is outrageous…”  And it went on from there.  No mention of any of the other topics concerning his travel.

In what has been yet another illustration of Obama’s narcissism, he disobeyed one of the unwritten rules of being a head of state.  You don’t personally go to things like this as a head of state unless it is already pretty much a done deal.  You can’t risk pissing away your limited supply of political capital on such things.  As Richard Cohen wrote in his September 29th article, it’s “Time to Act Like a President.”  American presidents don’t run around looking for a stage and a camera.  American presidents don’t act as if they are gods or dictators.  American presidents don’t run around the world apologizing for America being great.  American presidents don’t bow to foreign leaders (especially Arabs).  Maybe it is dangerous to assume that Obama IS an American.  He hasn’t proved it, and he sure doesn’t act like it.


Obama’s trip to Copenhagen cost $1 million or more

Associated Press

Last update: October 2, 2009 – 4:53 PM

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama’s failed bid to bring the 2016 Olympic Games to Chicago cost more than a bruised ego.

Taxpayers shelled out probably $1 million or more for the president, his wife and others to fly to Copenhagen and back to woo members of the International Olympic Committee.

A 2006 congressional study pegged the cost of flying Air Force One at $56,518 an hour. The Pentagon recently said it cost $100,219 an hour to fly the huge, reconfigured Boeing 747 without Obama aboard. The Pentagon estimate included more costs for support needs, such as maintenance.

At those rates, the president’s 14-hour trip to Copenhagen and back cost about $790,000 to $1.4 million.

However, presidential travel requires additional spending, especially for security personnel and equipment. Also, first lady Michelle Obama and some administration officials traveled to Copenhagen at public expense ahead of the president.

The Copenhagen trip was not devoted entirely to the Olympics bid. Obama spent 25 minutes conferring with Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal, his top Afghan war commander. McChrystal had been in London for a speech, and he made the relatively short trip to Denmark to meet with Obama.


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