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Evolution the Basis for Communism and Nazism

Yes, there have been people who called themselves Christians who have done horrible things.  But they were not following God’s word.  Those who have corrupted the word of God to further their own twisted ideals are many throughout history.  Stalin, Lenin, Jim Jones, Hitler, and the list continues.

It has been the socialists and godless communists in recent history who have been the most destructive force against mankind.  Yet there continue to be those who have never experienced true socialism, communism, or totalitarianism first hand that are easily deceived into following these ideologies.  At the hands of such people we are doomed to continuously repeat history in a steepening death spiral towards the end of time.

The only question is whether or not enough people will wake up in time to at least slow the descent.



The blood-stained ‘century of evolution’


by Carl Wieland

Those attacking Christianity sometimes point to the many religious wars and atrocities perpetrated in the name of Christ and the Church. They forget that not everyone self-labeled ‘Christian’ truly follows Christ. Also, that many times more people have been killed this century, most by their own governments, than in all religious conflicts, ever.1 And this slaughter happened because of philosophies openly hostile to biblical Christianity, and flowing directly from evolutionary belief.

Nazism openly proclaimed its dependence on Darwin.2 It was right and moral for the strongest race to survive; to have pity for the weak was to defy nature’s laws. It is doubtful whether this brutal ideology would have so captivated the nation that gave us Bach and Luther if not for the ‘scientific’ underpinning of evolution.

Communism also took evolution to its logical conclusion. If everything just evolved from ‘natural law,’ then man’s opinion, not God’s Word, determines what is right and wrong. If the working class can take power by armed struggle, then this is ‘right,’ regardless of how many must die to bring in the socialist paradise. Communism’s death toll far outranks the Nazis’—probably more than 90 million worldwide.3

Some have suggested that the bloodthirsty deeds of Stalin were an ‘aberration’ from the revolution’s ideals. However, it was Lenin, the ‘father’ of the Russian revolution, who ‘perfected the science of mass killings,’ and total, merciless brutality as the ultimate method of political control.4 Evolution was the chief tool used to brainwash communism’s masses into ‘scientific atheism.’ If everything just evolved, then everything is at the whim of the most powerful, and there is no Maker to whom to be answerable. Hence Stalin’s belief that killing millions of people was no worse than mowing your lawn (grass is our cousin in evolutionary doctrine).

Mao’s reign of terror and lies resulted in the deaths of tens of millions. It is no coincidence that his two favorite books were by the evolutionists Darwin and Huxley. With millions dying from his forced famine, his physician records that Mao said, ‘We have so many people we can afford to lose a few.’5 His successors have since persecuted and killed hundreds of thousands more.

Such overt ‘state’ evil makes it easy to forget what the Bible teaches about the evil within all of fallen mankind. Despite communism’s decline, the basic philosophy of evolutionism (i.e. man’s opinion, not God’s, is the ultimate authority) remains securely in control. They’re not shooting people scrambling over the Berlin Wall anymore, but millions of people are being torn apart in their mother’s womb in ‘democratic’ countries.

Today, the ideology of the ultra-free market, directly related to Darwinian ‘might is right,’ is on the rise. The Bible of course affirms private property, and the free and fair exchange of goods. However, at the same time it endorses civil government as a necessary restraint upon the sinful nature of mankind. Even the billionaire speculator George Soros has warned against unfettered ‘survival of the fittest’ capitalism. He says ‘What used to be a medium of exchange has usurped the place of fundamental values. Being successful is not identical with being right.’6

Soros’s comments make sense only if there are such things as immutable values and inalienable rights. But these cannot exist unless there is a Creator God Who has revealed such truths infallibly to His creation.

Thus, the creation/evolution issue is not just about origins; it is the key to which authority source will be seen as foundational in human affairs—God, through His revealed Word, or man’s opinion. May God be pleased to keep on using Creation magazine widely in spreading these vital, foundational gospel truths.

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References and notes

  1. About 130 million (not including the hundreds of millions killed by abortion) were slaughtered this century in the name of atheism, whereas all those killed in ‘the name of Christ’ in all of recorded history was at most around 17 million. See James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe, What if Jesus had never been born?, Thomas Nelson, Nashville, 1994. Return to text.
  2. Evolutionist Sir Arthur Keith wrote: ‘The German Führer, as I have consistently maintained, is an evolutionist; he has consciously sought to make the practice of Germany conform to the theory of evolution.’ Evolution and Ethics, Putnam, New York, p. 230, 1947. Return to text.
  3. Black Book of Communism, The Courier-Mail Weekend, Brisbane, p. 8, 13 December 1997. Return to text.
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