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9/11/2001: The Alamo and Pearl Harbor of Our Generation

Americans, remember.  Remember where you were on this pivotal day in American history.  Remember the anger you felt.  Remember the fear you felt for the day and for the future.  Remember that we did not attack them, they attacked us.  Remember that 9/11 was not the 1st time they attacked us.  Remember that all over the world, the U.S. had actually been and continues to free and defend MUSLIMS.  Yet they came.  They tried unsuccessfully to bring down the towers the first time.  They attacked the USS Cole.  They bombed our embassies, and other places where Americans could be found.  They attacked us repeatedly.  They attacked because we showed weakness.  Yet we did nothing.  We sat back on our heels and absorbed body blow after body blow.  Finally, after these camel-shagging little sheet heads killed 3,000 some odd American people in one morning, America retaliated.  Yet even in our retaliation we attempted to free oppressed muslims from their own muslim oppressors.  Ironic, huh?  Now, after landing a few good blows of our own, we are retreating to the ropes.  We, led by our Islamic Sympathizer-In-Chief Barack Hussein Obama, are again showing weakness to the Arab world.  Arabs/muslims respect strength.  It is one thing they definitely understand.  Yet what are we doing?  Our “president” is bowing to everyone he can find.  We are letting crackpot dictators have their way with us.  We are letting the Taliban and Al Qaeda regain their strength when we nearly had them defeated.  We are dismantling or allowing our military might to go fallow.  We are sowing the seeds of our own destruction.

Watch these videos and remember.  Show them to your children and explain that the world is not as nice as the Disney Channel portrays.  Explain to them what America stands for, or used to stand for.

EVERY American should watch this next video Daniel Pearl being beheaded, especially the spineless, yellow bellied pole-iticians we have been foolish enough to elect to high offices.

When Nazi Pelosi and Harry Reid or their family members are beheaded on the main street of their home towns by these Islamic cancers, then perhaps they will wake up to the fact that MUSLIMS WANT US DEAD.  What is more likely to happen is that the liberals who dismantled, under funded, and otherwise prevented the military from defeating the muslims on OUR terms, will likely point their fingers at said military and ask “Where were you and why didn’t you defend us?”  Both Bush and Obama said that we “are not at war with Islam.”  They are right about that, but Islam is at war with us, and has been for a long time.

As gruesome as this video might be, EVERY American, and every non-muslim for that matter, needs to see this video to be reminded of what muslims wish to happen to us.




3 Responses

  1. why in the videos the smog look different colors
    ? white, black and blue?????


  2. You’re kidding, right? First, you have different colors of smoke produced when different materials burn. Have you ever watched oil or petroleum products burn? Notice the color? Does the phrase “oily black smoke” ring a bell? How about paper or wood? That usually produces a whitish gray smoke. Different materials produce different colors of smoke.

    Next, have you ever looked up at the clouds and noticed that different parts of the same cloud are varying shades of white or gray? Is it because water in its gaseous state is different colors? Not so much. The color variations are caused by shadows. You see the same effect on smoke coming from various parts of the WTC prior to its collapse.

    Next, like that nut job Charlie Sheen, you’re going to tell me that airplanes didn’t crash into the WTC towers because they didn’t find any airplane parts. You obviously haven’t seen the footage of the military testing sections of concrete and steel which simulate those around our nuclear reactors against aircraft impacts. They hooked an F-4 Phantom II up to a rocket sled and ran it into one of these sections of wall at approximately 500 miles per hour. The wall was barely scratched, but the airplane literally vaporized. Much the same thing happened to the aircraft that THOUSANDS OF EYE WITNESSES saw impact the towers. That which wasn’t completely destroyed on impact was then consumed by the ensuing fire and building collapse.

    Please, PLEASE tell me you’re not dumb enough to be on the same short bus to the nut house as Charlie Sheen.


  3. There were 199 Colombians, 200 British, 428 Phillippinos, 100 Germans, 280 Swiss and 1 Israeli who was visiting the buildings, killed at the WTC on 911


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