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Inquiry Opened on Dismissal of New Black Panthers Voter Intimidation Case

The New Black Panthers are just another battalion in the Obama army of thugs.  Depending on who you listen to, and how they massage the stats, Obama won the election by somewhere between 4 and 7 percent of the vote.  In what the left is calling a “landslide,” he won by just 0.2% more than G.W. Bush did in 2004.  With a margin that small, and with all of the voter fraud that has been reported (but not investigated) in several of the swing states/districts, there is legitimate speculation that much of the margin of victory was ill gotten and that were it a straight up vote Obama would not have won at all.  With ACORN registering the same voters (liberal ones) 10 to 20 times each (confirmed cases), and the Black Panther thugs threatening people outside the polling places, it wouldn’t take much to swing that small of a margin of victory in a race as tight as the 2008 presidential election.  Co-thug Eric Holder’s dismissal of the Black Panther case (at the direction of Obama) when a conviction was at hand screams of impropriety.  Holder’s silence when asked for explanations is deafening.

As long as Comrade Chairman Maobama is in charge, and his puppets are running the “justice” department, there will likely never be an accounting for Obama’s illegal activities, and the crimes at the hands of his supporters.  Community organizer?  No, just plain old socialist thug.



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