ACORN Promoting Prostitution and Tax Evasion

Not only does ACORN provide thugs for Obama’s Brown Shirt army, they also engage in human trafficking, prostitution, and tax evasion.  If they were not an organization that supported Obama and the liberals, the full weight of the government would be coming down on them like a ton of bricks.  But just like all of the liberal tax-cheats that fill all of the spots in the Obama administration, who raise our taxes and send us to jail if we don’t pay, ACORN will not be punished.  No one that supports Obama will ever be punished for anything, as long as they support Obama and the liberals.  Charles Rangel won’t be punished for falsifying tax forms and not paying up.  Tim “TurboTax Cheat” Geithner will never be punished for his “mistake.”  The list get’s longer every day.

The tide of dissent is rising, Mr. Obama.  Go ahead and keep talking about how “the peasants are revolting,” and continuing with your “let them eat cake (brioche)” attitude.  Who will offer you an outstretched hand when the tide rises above your head?

Shocking Audio Could Incriminate ACORN Affiliates


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