Socialists Punishing Socialists

Oh, but Obama is going to “restore our good name,” and “make people all over the world like us again.”  How’s that hope and change thing working out for ya’?

Isn’t it at least mildly ironic when the European Commission’s Ambassador to Washington, a socialist himself, jabs Dear Leader Chairman Maobama by saying…

“Only in `Alice in Wonderland’ could a penalty be seen as promoting the activity on which it is imposed”

Let’s see if I can sum this up.  Obama says “I’m going to charge you a fee to pay for telling you how you will have to sign up to pay this fee which will give you permission to come to America to pay a fee to promote coming to America.  Right?


EU warns on proposed US travel fees

By DESMOND BUTLER, Associated Press Writer Desmond Butler, Associated Press Writer Fri Sep 4, 6:31 pm ET

WASHINGTON – The European Union is strongly criticizing a congressional proposal to charge a $10 fee to some visitors to the United States and suggesting it may carry a price for U.S. travelers.

If it passes, the EU says, some U.S. travelers to Europe could face retaliation.

The fee now under consideration in Congress would finance a new U.S. program to promote travel, a burden that the EU believes Americans should bear.

“Only in `Alice in Wonderland’ could a penalty be seen as promoting the activity on which it is imposed,” the European Commission‘s Ambassador to Washington, John Bruton, said in a statement Friday.

One of the bill’s sponsors, Democratic Rep. William Delahunt, said the EU was getting too worked up over what he called “a nominal fee.”

(Read complete article HERE)


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