Water Boarding Ted Kennedy: A Eulogy

I would hope that Ted Kennedy found salvation in Jesus, made amends for his sins and is in Heaven singing praises to God.  However, I somehow don’t think that was the likely end for “Teddy.”

Assuming that he is in hell instead of Heaven, do you suppose that his hell consists of being water boarded by Mary Jo Kopechne?  Do you think the only sound he will hear for the rest of eternity will be the sound of her terrified screams and pleas as he abandoned her in the cold water of Chappaquiddick?  Do you think that while he was still alive he was able to keep enough alcohol in himself to quiet the voice of Mary Jo?

The democrats, lead by Nancy “Nazi” “Plastic Surgery” Pelosi, didn’t wait even 24 hours to start using the death of Ted “hiccup” Kennedy to try to revive support for their abortion of a health care bill.  Did Ted use the “public” option that he was pushing all of us toward?  Not on your life.  Did Ted go to the corner clinic for treatment, as all of us would do for our highest level of care under his plan?  Try Duke Medical Center.  Did Ted use hospice care, or take pain killers instead of pursuing and receiving treatments to extend his life?  Not a chance.  He soaked up health care dollars taken from you and I until the last breath.


Ted and the democrats keep throwing out this figure saying that there are 47 million uninsured Americans.  Dishonest.  When you take out the young people who choose to only have catastrophic coverage, those who are eligible for but haven’t enrolled in state programs, and the 8 to 10 million ILLEGAL ALIENS who do not deserve one penny of taxpayer money, aid, health care, or anything else, you are left with approximately 5 million people who are uninsured.  Do we want or need employ the gross inefficiencies of government to destroy the BEST, highest quality health care system in the world?  Do we need to further financially enslave the next 10 generations of Americans to allow Obama and the liberals to pay back their political debts?  Do we want political slave masters who are not going to sign up for the same program they force on us to decide which of us get care, who lives and who dies?  Is it fair for the elitist liberals to tell us we have to “give up a piece of the pie” so that others who didn’t earn and don’t deserve a piece of my pie will get it anyway?  Is it fair when those same elitists while telling us we can’t have “pie” are out spending hundreds of dollars per meal on lobster, spending thousands on a Martha’s Vineyard vacations, going on $75,000 date nights, ALL AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE?

0bama_pie→ art.mailer0217.cnn

Health Care Fundingthe-hero-of-chappaquiddick-speaks

In the end, did I wish Ted Kennedy ill, or do I wish harm to any of the liberals on the left?  Not at all.  Did I want him, and do I want the rest of the anti-American liberals out of office so he couldn’t/they can’t do any more harm to America?  Absolutely.

Oh, by the way.  No one ever answered the question of how Mary Jo’s panties got into the glove box of the car.  Since Ted swore that there was nothing going on, I guess they just flew off of her body from the force of the car’s impact with the water and landed in the glove box.


3 Responses

  1. Hey good stuff…keep up the good work! I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks,)

    A definite great read…:)


  2. Thanks !!

    I’ve been trying to find that cartoon of Kennedy at the convention, with Mary Jo walking up the aisle, for over a year. I have all my old National Lampoons stashed in the basement where they are hard to get to, so this saved me an awful lot of work.

    Like the VW ad, this one is a classic & deserves wider dissemination.

  3. This is an election year, beyond that it’s the midterm elections. Why haven’t the Democrats done anything in Mary Jo Kopechne’s memory. Why haven’t they done anything for her. Mary Jo Kopechne is the legacy of the Democratic Party. And we haven’t even mentioned Chandra Levy yet. The Democrats want all of us to believe they have respect for women.

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