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Stimulus + Welfare = Beer and Cigarettes

This is exactly, Exactly, EXACTLY why the government can NOT be trusted to spend our money wisely.  When there is a problem to be solved, simply throwing money at it like liberals want to do doesn’t solve that problem.  On the many occasions when a homeless person comes up to me on the street and says he needs money because he is starving, has no place to stay, etc.  I NEVER give them cash.  I nearly always offer to buy them something to eat, I have physically put gasoline in some gas tanks, and I’ve even offered to pay for a night in a hotel.  Nine out of ten of them just get mad an walk away when they see that I will not just give them cash.  They just want the cash to support their drug habit, or to by alcohol and cigarettes.  There are a few who are grateful and take me up on my offer, but that is rare.  Some are genuinely destitute and trying to pull themselves up.  Many are unwilling to try, and simply walk around with their hands out.  Giving money to the irresponsible does nothing but waste money.  That is EXACTLY what 99% of government run programs do.  It is because liberals, despite all of their words about caring and compassion for the down trodden, simply don’t want to get their hands dirty.  Some of them in their ignorance and haughtiness think that throwing money at the filthy swine will make the go away.  Others know better and use the money to perpetuate two situations:  (1) the indigents dependence on government, and (2) the weakening of those who do not depend on government.

Do you want to know how the trillion dollars Obama has already stolen will be spent?  Do you want to know how the health care reform bill will turn out for America?  Do you want to know how the tax dollars that are being vacuumed from your pockets will be spent by an over-sized, bloated, disorganized, power-hungry government?  Here is your answer.  They will piss it away leaving them more powerful, and leaving the rest of us broke and enslaved.

Where is the state-run media on this one?


$200 per child for school supplies: The Real Deal

Syracuse (WSYR-TV) – Welfare and food stamp recipients Wednesday started getting letters in the mail letting them know extra money they received in their benefit payments this month, is supposed to be used to buy school supplies for their kids.

The problem is, the money was available on their cards Tuesday, and local retailers tell us they were swamped with people cashing in.

The owners of the Sunoco on the corner of Wolf and Grant Street in Syracuse were swamped Tuesday; food stamp recipients, they say, who found an extra $200 per child on their benefit cards, were coming in to cash in.

“One person said she was going to buy a cell phone, I said ‘Wow, I thought the money was supposed to be for the kids — other people were just buying cigarettes and beer,” says Sunoco gas station owner Diane Goly.

It’s very possible most of those people didn’t even know this cash that mysteriously appeared on their cards was supposed to be used to buy school supplies for their children — the letters from the state telling them that were still in the mail.

Governor Paterson announced at a press conference Tuesday that he was using $140 million in stimulus money to fund this program — but prior to that, it seems he kept this allocation close to the vest.

“We hadn’t done a lot of planning for it because we didn’t know about it,” says Ann Rooney of Onondaga County Human Services.

Social Services had no say in the program or how the cash was distributed; they just learned about it last week and were told not to say anything about it to the public until Tuesday, when the governor announced the program at a press conference.

“We would have liked to have been involved in the process and have some input,” says Rooney.

Congressman Dan Maffei says, “The Governor gave me no heads up that they were going to do this, so this is a program that the state is implementing without the input of at least our congressional office.”

State Republicans claim the governor developed this plan in secret with no legislative input and it’s ripe for fraud and abuse.

We tried speaking with the governor’s office Wednesday about this, and they deferred us to the Office of Temporary Assistance.

They admit the letters should have gone out well in advance of the money, but there was a lot of overhead and they wanted to make sure the cash was out before school started.

With the governor’s plan, there’s no accountability.  His office is just hoping folks do the right thing and spend the extra cash on their kids.

Rooney thinks there may have been a better way to ensure that.

“Perhaps we could have done something with Mary Nelson, who’s having her barbecue this weekend and put some of the money in her hands to supplement what she’s doing with the backpack giveaway,” she says.
Nelson says she found out about the money and says she’s heard of people using it on other items rather than on their children.

It shocks her, but she says it’s not the children’s fault and that she’ll still help them.

“Maybe those parents should come by and bring some of those supplies, and feel bad for what they did,” Nelson says.

She wishes she could have received at least some of that money; with just days left before the Youth Day Barbecue, she still needs enough supplies to fill up 1,000 backpacks.

She also says she needs about 2,000 backpacks for folks who may not have signed up.


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